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41.94 Mb
Updated :
March 18, 2021
Developer :
Purple Tree
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990.14 Mb
Updated :
May 14, 2021
Developer :
Purple Tree

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Quick question: What was the most memorable game of your childhood? If I had to answer that, it would be the bomber. If you have the same preferences as me, you must listen carefully to my game recommendations.

The game is called PONPU, a fun little adventure game developed by Purple Tree. PONPU combines the classic "bomber" gameplay with the new crazy mechanism to create the most incredible painting style! Play the universe's greatest creator, Duck God, in the epic mission and compatriots against a stubborn enemy, save the world in peril! Save the world, can be in various crazy game modes, play a crazy multiplayer game, up to 4 people participate.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

This is a very fresh and lovely hand-drawn style of the game; the production team to explore the efforts of innovation can be seen; they not only add to the game's creative fun single battle. Also invented BOSS battle, and "gold coin contest", "Color War" these few not familiar new games. But also practical with the game that the black-and-white grotesque hand-painted erase many players over the years, stereotypes of the "bomber" games' artistic style while using this high-contrast. The specific type of painting is an excellent solution to similar games in the chaos of war in difficulty distinguishing between the enemy and the surrounding environment. Also, incidentally for this as the core of the "Color War", both the blooming color of the bomb will be dyed to the whole map of their colors of the game mode to add some unique artistic temperament.

In addition, this lovely style of painting and often accompanied by ventriloquism performance of the lovely dubbing, is also the crazy story of this work complement each other. And it naturally led to a massive brain, but there is a bit of truth in the funny set, the player is no longer only known from the pocket out of a bomb and the same kind of small robot to fight, but a chosen duck destined to fight his brothers and sisters to save the universe. So, of course, the primary character Duck attack mode also became "explosive eggs" for the player to operate. Purple Tree Studio's description of the process is so vivid and detailed that I can feel the pain of a duck on a screen; it enhances the player's experience.

At present, the game only provides four special bombs drilling gas and ice; although its performance is not bad, its variety allows players free choice. However, I will tell you that each game randomly appears props are minimal, the former joy with the bomb raffle gone. Instead, the game is played with flying bombs, deflecting shields and other actions that make the narrator proud of the game. It seems that Ponpu still retains quite a bit of his childhood memories, and we should be able to shine in this game quite easily, for obvious reasons. Deflector Shield and shield stun changed from a prop effect to a "bomb duck" talent that can be used indefinitely when kicking a bomb; traditional attacks, such as bombs blocking doors and hand-to-hand combat, are no longer suitable for new battlefields. In contrast, once, most of the time, the distance between the opponent can be used without limit, such as bombs blocking the door, hand-to-hand combat and other traditional attack ideas are no longer applicable to the new battlefield.

【Top10-Game's Review】

All in all, it's a great game to download and reminisce about your childhood. Ponpu's screen style is very characteristic, which attracts many people at first sight. Large areas of the game use black and white style, with small pieces of bright color embellishment. It is very dynamic, coupled with the exaggerated dynamic performance of characters and enemies. The game appears very smooth and tense.

The game mode is vibrant; whether it is suitable for one person's plot mode or multi-person gold coin war, color war is fascinating, the level design is also unique and challenging. But for those of you who want to stay online, Ponpu doesn't seem to support online friends, just local friends with four handles or random online matches!

PONPU is not a simple copy of the bomber mechanism on the game's operation, and the game's critical point is to put you under the "Egg", with the shield bombs flying out to hurt the enemy. It's interesting to note that you're more likely to kill yourself if you're not skilled because the bomb will bounce back when it hits the surface. All in all, Ponpu is a fun little game to play in your spare time. If you are interested, download it!

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Editor's Review

Ponpu is a fast-paced crazy game like Bomberman, with classic gameplay and relatively simple operations. In the current game experience, the overall button layout is a little more compact and I can't change the keys, so the touch experience is better than the mouse.

The game screen style is quite cool, mainly in black and white, with four different colors represented by different styles of ducks as auxiliary colors. The simple hand-drawn graphics brought me a brand new visual experience under the collision of colors.

In addition, the game has a variety of modes, whether it is a story mode suitable for one person, or multiplayer modes such as gold battles and color wars, both of them are very interesting, and the level design is challenging and distinctive. The game supports up to four people matching online and randomly online, which is not a very good experience for me because most of the matches are made by robots when there are not many online players.  

On the whole, Ponpu is a fun little game to kill your spare time and is highly recommended.