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1.Top10 Game - Game classification and sharing platform.

Top10game is a platform for game classification and sharing.We find and provide interesting game applications in many different categories.Here,games will be divided into 12 kinds and a concise ,clear introduction to the game will also be provided.In addition, you can choose the type of game application experience based on your interests. If you prefer video games on YouTube, and the related YouTubers will be shown for a better experience.

2. About Copyright

The games we recommend for evaluation come from Apple Store and Google Play, and the game videos we recommend are from Youtube. You will be redirected to the relevant official platforms when you download games or watch videos, so please enjoy them without worries. The relevant game materials we collect all come from the Internet. The game-related copyrights belong to the game developers and the official game platform. We support genuine games. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete it.
Shoot us an email at  service@Top10 Game.com
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