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December 16, 2021
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November 15, 2021
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【One Sentence Introduction】

Clash of Clans is a free strategy mobile video game designed and initially released in the year of 2012 by a Finnish company called Supercell.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. This game has been released all over the world and has a very great popularity in a lot of countries. Gamers come from different countries, so you can exchange this game experience with players from all over the world and get some friends at the same time.

2. In addition, the pace of Clash of Clans is not that stressful, so it will not be too nervous for you to play it, and it can be picked up easily in the beginning. So it's a fantastic game to relax yourself.


【Top10-Game's Review】

Personally, I feel like Clash of Clans is a one-of-the-kind masterpiece in mobile games. When it comes to the overall design of this game, it is literally perfect. I guess this is probably because this game has a long history, during which the game developers have never given up the pursuit of perfection, and they have been constantly find problems in time and fix the bugs. The details and the gameplay of the game have been improved a lot compared to the initial version, with each update, the game has become more interesting and popular. You could see that the game developers have spent a lot of time and effort to perfect this game, and they also attach great importance to the graphic quality of Clash of Clans in order to improve the user's sense of the game experience, so the game you see now is the work of the game developers. In terms of visuals, it is literally impeccable and excellent. As soon as you start Clash of clans, you will be attracted by the stunning graphics of this game, and the surrounding sounds can help you get more engaged in it, you could immerse yourself totally in the great mechanics. Meanwhile You would definitely marvel at the great teamwork of the developers because rolling out this game with such high graphic design is literally something challenging project to deal with.

The idea of this game is also very compelling. On the one hand, it is very strategic, allowing you to experience the charm of strategy game. At the same time, your clan can grow rapidly through competition among clans in the game. In Clash of clans , you need to do a good job in the defense of the clan, which means that you must have access to good resources, and at the same time you must pay attention to the importance of the formation of defense. There are good formations and bad formations for sure. A good formation can help you to defend your target enemies, guiding them into the trap, also the formation should be constantly adjusted and modified in case some accidental issues happen. If you don’t know how to make a good formation efficiently, you can learn from the clans of other players. There are many players who play well in this game, so you should communicate with players in clan very often to help yourself play better.

In addition, your clan needs to protect resources, and there are multiple ways to protect them such as adjusting the location of resources in time, which plays an important role in this game. These are many details that need to be summarized slowly with time by yourself. Many specific offensive strategies cannot be explained exhaustively, because each strategy that is excellent in defense requires players to gradually experience and utilize them. Only by gradually trying out and learning when you protect resources can you find a good offensive method. You can also refer to other players’ experience, and a lot of practice is definitely needed. All in all, this is a game worth trying, you can get a different gaming experience, download and play now!

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Editor's Review

“You're not alone.”That was my initial comment on the game.

Clash of Clans is a strategy game that does a good job of PVP and the part of the game where I can communicate with the player makes it fun.In this mode, I have opportunity to make more friends.Meanwhile,the special effects of various defensive buildings and the characteristics of troops are also a highlight of the game.

Besides,with good graphics and gameplay, the game is simple and easy to learn for our new players.And tribal war is quite exciting,which left me a deep impression.

As for me,the cons in the game is that it takes a long time to upgrade the hero.I can’t stand it.However, if you have enough patience, this is just a minor problem.