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Depends on equipment
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January 11, 2023
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January 17, 2023
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【One Sentence Introduction】

Attack Hole - Black Hole Games from Homa is an arcade game that perfectly blends brawling and swallowing with action running elements, giving you the invaluable opportunity to become an all-consuming black hole with any weapon in your pocket so that you can use it to kill seemingly formidable enemies.

【Top10-Game’s Recommend】

Have you ever dreamed of becoming the most powerful thing in the universe, which is a black hole capable of swallowing everything and pocking all the deadly weapons for your own use? You may think such an idea is too crazy and novel, but in fact, there is really a game that inspired such an idea and made tens of millions of people addicted to it.

Attack Hole - Black Hole Games, an arcade devouring running casual game, gives players the chance to become a powerful black hole to devour as many weapons and equipment as possible in a limited time and use them to hunt down the giant enemies that appear in each level. Such a novel and creative setting has undoubtedly fully exercised the majority of players’ quick reaction ability and time management skills.

Not only that, but while the gameplay is ridiculous, many of the details of the game make perfect sense. When encountering weapons larger than the size of the black hole itself, the player in a hurry to collect quickly is likely to be unable to successfully swallow and thus weapons are likely to be knocked down by the gravity of the black hole itself. Obviously, so not detached from the reality of the game details design also allows players to fully feel the charm and tricks.

【Top10-Game’s Review】

In terms of actual gameplay, the basic gameplay and operation of Attack Hole - Black Hole Games is very similar to the classic and popular game Hole.io, which requires players to swipe the screen to control the black hole to move around and swallow as many things as possible within the time limit. More creatively, however, Attack Hole - Black Hole Games builds on this classic by allowing the player to release all the weapons they collect on giant enemies, making the initial collection and devouring extremely meaningful and purposeful. In addition, more personalized, Attack Hole - Black Hole Games also designed a large number of black hole skins waiting for players to unlock through the rewards obtained by successfully challenging numerous levels.

In short, the perfect blend of devouring as much as possible within a time limit and using collected weapons to destroy enemies all makes Attack Hole - Black Hole Games a tense, exciting and easy-to-master gameplay experience.

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Editor's Review

When it comes to the strengths of Attack Hole - Black Hole Games, the first must be the clever combination of the black hole all-consuming gameplay and the feature to release all the weapons consumed to destroy the huge enemy, making the otherwise monotonous and slow-paced black hole eating gameplay intense, exciting and full of purpose. Second, the three-dimensional weapon elements and enemy art styles, as well as the wide variety of conventional and ridiculous weapon designs, all make Attack Hole - Black Hole Games eye-catching and stress-free. Not only that, but players will also be able to customize their favorite creative black holes to create a more customized and rich gameplay experience.

As good as it is, Attack Hole - Black Hole Games still have flaws that are hard to ignore. Whether it’s the loose placement of weapons in the weapon-swallowing section, or the visual effects that need to be enhanced when releasing weapons from the black hole at a giant enemy, it’s worth improving to make the experience more immersive. Not only that, but even though there are more than ten types of weapons in the game, including torpedoes, grenades, pistols, bullets, etc., the difference in damage between these types is not clearly differentiated, and often different weapons deal equal damage, which is very irrational and loses the addictive strategy element.

In conclusion, if you are a fan of black hole eating games and are looking for a game to relax and kill the time, then Attack Hole - Black Hole Games is definitely worth a try.