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February 1, 2023
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February 2, 2023
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Tap Away by Popcore Games is a block elimination puzzle game that fully exercises IQ and deduction skills, requiring players to dismantle large blocks made up of layers of small squares in a logical order, testing the brain cells to connect at a rapid pace while allowing players to kill time and relax.

【Top10-Game’s Recommend】

Have you ever wished you could release your stress and beat your brain enough to solve one sprawling puzzle after another of interlocking cubes? In fact, Tap Away will do just that. As a puzzle logic casual single-player game, Tap Away presents to a vast number of players a series of irregular building block puzzles made up of many small cubes flying towards different directions, so as to fully exercise players’ logical reasoning ability and thinking ability. Players simply tap or swipe the screen to let small detachable blocks fly off the screen, gradually peeling away large blocks to complete the level challenge.

Don’t think that such a simple control can’t make for a challenging and entertaining game experience. As you progress through the game, the shape of the big blocks will change from simple regular blocks to crazy like guitar-shaped blocks, and the interlocking directions of the small blocks will become more mind-blowing and intriguing, making the game progressively more difficult and making the experience more challenging.

More customizable, players are also able to unlock a wide variety of building block looks and themes to enrich the game experience.

【Top10-Game’s Review】

In terms of actual game experience, Tap Away encourages players to peel and disintegrate large blocks by carefully observing, reasonably deducing, tapping and sliding many small cubes on the screen. It not only allows players to fully engage their minds, but also releases pressure and tests their IQ in a relaxed game atmosphere.

In addition, while Tap Away features puzzle and brain-burning, it still gives players the chance to find the solution by thinking and seeing from different angles, by sliding large blocks towards each angle to help solve the puzzle. It is also worth mentioning that Tap Away’s graphics art adopts a minimalist style and colorful colors, which can quickly catch the player’s eye without distracting the player with redundant decorations.

All in all, Tap Away is definitely worth a try for players who want the logical thinking and stress-relieving process they get out of games.

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Editor's Review

As for the advantages of Tap Away, first of all, different from other casual games, Tap Away features the dismantling of small cubes in different flight directions so as to peel off the whole large building blocks. It not only tests the logical deduction ability and critical thinking of players, but also can cultivate the benefits of multi-dimensional thinking and pressure relief. As the interlocking blocks need to be unblocked before they can be removed, otherwise they can’t fly off the screen and the entire block can’t be removed completely. As you can see, this easy-to-master gameplay also requires a lot of thought and brain cells to successfully conquer multiple levels. In addition, Tap Away’s progressive difficulty design also makes the immersive puzzle-solving process more addictive and full of conquest for countless players. It is also worth mentioning that Tap Away fully supports players to enjoy solving puzzles even when they are not connected to the Internet, fully realizing the meaning of puzzle relaxation anytime and anywhere.

Even so, Tap Away has intolerable drawbacks. The first and foremost is its ubiquitous advertising, which affects the smooth game experience. The frequent and annoying freezing situation is also very damaging to the immersive gaming experience.