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Totally Reliable Delivery

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January 14, 2022
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December 23, 2021
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Totally Reliable Delivery is a physics simulation game for nearly all ages and if you are curious about the delivery service. Welcome to get to know about this game and hope you guys fancy it.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

A game is full of comedy elements that will let you spend every moment in laughter. The characters in the game are very cute and the actions are very funny. You see the delivery guys jumping into the truck with somersaults, and you see them grab the poles on the track at the last second and get into the right position, which is kind of like a manhunt movie. Action poses such as sprinting, jumping, diving and grappling are full of fun. As if in real life, players need to apply different martial arts moves in the process of transporting goods.

This game is totally entry-free and players can experience the game from Google Play as well as the App Store. Similar to most games, the team also provides in-app purchases for a better game experience and players can take full advantage of this feature to achieve more goals.

Two combat modes can be chosen arbitrarily. The purpose is to deliver the package to the designated location on time according to the customer's request, so as to complete the task and get paid. Deliveries are available in both the single-player campaign and online multiplayer modes. But the experience of the game is different. Single-player games pay more attention to self-decision and a variety of talent skills in order to pass various levels. If it is a multiplayer online mode, teamwork is required, because the posture of the character is not easy to control, and different levels require different angles of force. If you can divide the labor and cooperate and let each player play their own strengths, it will be easier to succeed.

While it's great to deliver the goods to the finish line, the scenery along the way is even more stunning. During the delivery process, players have access to different means of transport, such as motorboats, trains, and planes. Although the real cargo transportation process is very boring, the process in the game gives people a rich imagination. Take a break from the delivery and play around in a variety of different scenarios! The world is full of toys, vehicles, and machines that can be used for work or play. There are also some mini-games in the game for players to challenge themselves. For example, the arena in the middle of the river can be used to learn martial arts. And a wide football field can allow players and teammates to have a driving pool game. So a game has a variety of ways to play, so everyone can't put it down. Wonderful things await your exploration.

In this game, players can customize the clothes of the courier. The personalized dressing style of the courier staff, coupled with the cute and fashionable style of the game, brings unique and cute visual fun. This is in line with the various dressings of couriers in reality.

However, this game has a big disadvantage: it takes up too much memory, and some old devices cannot support the smooth experience of this game, which will make users feel very stuck. Glitches happen and hurt players’ feelings.

【Top10-Game's Review】

I really like this game since it reflects the real world and allows players to experience the hardships of couriers while having fun. Delivery tasks over time, loss of goods, certain dangerous items not being transported, etc., are problems that plague everyone in the transportation industry. Come and have a try, this game will not let you down!

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Editor's Review

In Totally Reliable Delivery Service, (as a player) I have to deliver the package to the designated location on time according to the requirements of customers, so as to complete the task and get paid. As simple as it sounds, it's a little hard to do, because the mechanics of the game mean that the person I'm controlling may not want to be at my disposal.

Additionally,open maps are also a highlight of the game. This mode with high degree of freedom, unregulated game route and free exploration, satisfiying my wanderlust of the game.

There are all kinds of traffic tools for our players in the Totally Reliable Delivery Service,but inside the plane tools anf other operation has certain difficulty, So if I want to use it well, it takes some time.

In my own experience, this game is not very fun to play alone, so if you want to play it, I suggest you can play with multiple people and get more fun.



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