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August 30, 2021
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January 19, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

What do you know about coffee? Do you know a lot about coffee? Do you like coffee? I want to introduce you to one of my favorite simulation games, Idle Coffee Corp, an entertaining and easy game. Developed by Starberry Games, the match is perfect for playing in your spare time.

This game is different from other types of simulation games in that the ultimate goal is to let the user ease. In the game, players will own the winner coffee shop collect all kinds of coffee beans to make a variety of coffee to meet the tastes of different customers, thus earning more gold coins, ready for their chain stores.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1.In the game, you need to study how to run your coffee shop well and how to collect different types of coffee to expand your business to more places. Have you ever seen an American style coffee shop? The goal was to create the city's most important coffee kingdom and largest coffee shop. Imagine what it's like to collect cash like crazy, with your goal of having your own coffee shop open all over the world.

2.Since this is often the presentation of a arrangement lesson simulation business diversion, you as a player within the amusement will play a coffee shop proprietor. With the quality of different incredible baristas, you're always progressing the quality of coffee and opening the deal of numerous flavors and sorts of coffee. Pull in more clients, extend to more parts of the world, gain endless sums of cash, and eventually make their coffee domain.

3.Have you seen the decoration of coffee shops abroad? In this game, the standard American cartoon style is adopted, and the characters are very cute and lovable. The overall color of the game is also bright and accurate, while maintaining a delicate and comfortable. You will be the owner of a coffee shop in the game, does that sound like a challenge? You need to start with the cost of coffee, whether the cost of coffee is high or low, profitable, or flat. In the process of constantly shaping a variety of props, props can be superimposed in the game to produce different effects. As a simulation game, Sit Still Coffee Corp doesn't have to be complicated to play; Press the Update button to thoroughly check coffee levels.

4.You need to understand coffee categorization like a real boss. Once in a while, you can go to a barista and have a pleasant coffee experience. It sounds as good as it is in real life and will enhance your gaming experience. Of course, the game will also be used as a transfer to arrange classes, coffee shop long-term arrangement will also generate income, the amount of income is completely under your control, and this is already the most important basic Settings.

5.Idle Coffee Corp is simply the best simulation app in its genre. Like any other simulation, like a supermarket or a parking lot or something. Both require the player to take the context of the game from the experience and common sense of running a supermarket or parking lot to another model and apply it to the theme of running a coffee shop. The game still uses the player's location as its most important source, assuming you are a very professional gamer, if you have a good understanding of the game's criteria for good looks, or are interested in running a simulation game. If you are interested in American-style simulation games, and if you want to have fun without spending a lot of time, then the mobile game "Idle Coffee Company" will be a must-have for you.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Overall, this is a game without any age limit. Characters are so cute, soft and comfortable colors, players in the game will open a chain of coffee shops, starting from the basic low-cost coffee, gradually forming product structure at different price points.

There's nothing too complicated about what you can do with ldle Coffee Corp, and you can click on the upgrade button to upgrade your coffee. Open up new varieties of coffee, and occasionally tap the legendary barista to make an appointment to enjoy the experience.

With your private coffee shop, your overall goal as a small store owner is to keep expanding and make the best coffee you can, in an easy and fun way, experience in the game when the boss feels that your coffee empire, each kind of coffee all set complete.

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Editor's Review

I really enjoyed the game,because it is great to be offline and still have idle money.Meanwhile,Idle Coffee Corp, as a lovely American style coffee shop simulation business game is addictive and completely free.In addition,the most important thing is passionate and crazy experience of making money makes me very crazy about this game.

As the owner of the coffee shop, what I need to do is expand the variety of coffee, expand the store operation, and open my coffee shop all over the world.It's a very cool experience to be a boss in the game for me.At the same time,the game's unique point-and-click controls are also interesting and simple. I can get money resources for the construction of the coffee shop by constantly attracting more customers.

In spite there are a lot of ads in Idle Coffee Corp,it is reasonable for I can watch ads to get what I want.

By the way, the biggest problem of game is it completely stopped or stuck after a few times and I couldn't play the game until I re-installed it. I hope this can be solved.