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Behind the Frame

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About this game

Size :
38.80 Mb
Updated :
November 16, 2021
Developer :
Akupara Games
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2.0 Gb
Updated :
November 17, 2021
Developer :
Akupara Games

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Behind the Frame is an interactive adventure mobile game that was developed by Silver Lining Stuidio and available for both Android and IOS users.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. Behind the Frame is a game that can help you kickback easily and when you enjoy it you could feel peaceful.

2. Players can draw, sketch and decorate your works in the game to complete your unique masterpiece. So in the end of the game you could get many art pieces.

3. The game integrates intriguing plots and plenty of puzzles. You will find a variety of creative ways to solve puzzles in Behind the Frame, so it is very helpful to exercise our logical thinking.

【Top10-Game's Review】

I believe any player who downloaded this game Behind the Frame will be attracted by it, because the story of the game is so different and one-of-the-kind, and the story is very creative. You can feel the hard work of the game designer. Generally speaking, this is a story related to painting. The story is delicate and relaxing, with a tinge of mystery, so the game is interesting.

In this game, your role is a young painter. You are completing your art work. You live in a very warm and comfortable apartment. You have a neighbor who you can meet every day and you can see his kitten when you open the window. When you are tired of painting, you can also go to a cafe to chill out. You can occasionally have a cup of coffee and breakfast to find inspiration. The whole game can be said to be very relaxed. You can complete the game with a feeling of enjoyment. If you are not used to the slow pace of the game, you can also adjust your speed. The whole game takes about more than an hour to complete, and the difficulty is moderate, so the game beginners can also be easily controlled, but I hope the game developers can improve the length of the game and make it more challenging.

I must speak highly of the image quality of this game, because the designer of this game is deeply inspired by Japanese aesthetics, so the atmosphere of the whole game is in japanese style, and the color matching of the game is very fresh and comfortable, so people can't help getting addicted to it. The overall painting style looks very healing. Because the protagonist of the story is a painter, you can feel the same mood as the painter when painting. You can experience the aftertaste of the story through the eyes of this passionate artist.

The highlight of Behind the Frame is the animation design of the game, which is very smooth. And the picture is folded and unfolded layer by layer. The game uses the change of scenes to give hints about the time, and uses flat origami to show the depth of the story. What’s more, the music of this game is very beautiful. If you start the game and wear headphones, you can hear the healing music of the game. This game has many different piano music for you to choose from. You can close your eyes and listen to them quietly. You can feel that the pressure has greatly relieved.

More importantly, many paintings need to be completed in the game. So you can enjoy being a painter, and because each painting has a story to tell, you can explore the painter's inner world, and you can explore her own stories. Therefore, in this regard, the game is very deep. On the one hand, players can enjoy the scene design like painting and appreciate exquisite paintings, which is like killing two birds with one stone. So this game is definitely a perfect game. You can download and play with your friends.

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Editor's Review

Like most people, I loved the game first and foremost because of its beautiful illustrations. After several experiences, Behind the Frame is more like a work of art.

It’s a point-and-click game where I can solve puzzles to play. The game was on the short side, but the story and relaxed atmosphere were worth it, especially the ending. So I’m not going to give you too much insight into the plot, but you need to experience it yourself. And from the sound effect of the game, Behind the Frame is a sweet, soft and melancholy puzzle game with beautiful art and soothing music. The game is not very long but it’s great for relaxing. In addition, even though the main setting of Behind the Frame is Amber’s cabin, it doesn’t monotonous at all or me.

As for the gameplay, the core is to solve puzzles by looking for clues in the room, get the original picture, and find the paint to restore the picture to unlock memories and move on to the next chapter. Each chapter is unique, and the puzzles aren’t too difficult, but it doesn’t get boring just because it’s simple. On the contrary, the warm atmosphere and relaxed puzzle solving make me more immersed.

In a word, lovely graphics and design, emotional music, delightful puzzles, and a compelling story make this game a true piece of art. Would you like to try a warm and soothing style of game? That’s the right one to choose!

If you’re also interested, please try it out now, and you’ll have a lot of fun.