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About this game

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47.19 Mb
Updated :
July 4, 2022
Developer :
Thomas Young
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69.74 Mb
Updated :
July 1, 2022
Developer :
Thomas Young

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】   

Dadish 2 is a side-scrolling adventure game, which let you explore the world of radishes and you can have conversations at any time. The protagonist of the game is a radish. The game has beautiful pictures and rich levels. In order to help dad find the child, you also need to use your brains to complete each level.

【Top10-Game’s Recommend】  

First of all, as a horizontal pixel style game, Dadish 2 has updated a lot on the basis of the first one. This game has a healing and refreshing graphics, interesting level design, various puzzle content and jumping platform design, and soothing music, which makes you immersed in the game for a long time. And with each level increasing in difficulty, the challenging content is sure to keep you hooked.

In the next place, after each level is cleared, there are short and interesting dialogues, allowing you to understand the plot of the story and grasp the clues to find the missing baby radish. There are 50 rad levels with a good soundtrack, let you no longer be alone in the journey of breaking through the levels.

In addition, the gameplay is also relatively simple, you only need to operate Dadish through the left and right movement buttons and the clicked jump button, and avoid the dangers of one level after another, and finally help Dadish and its children reunite. And as for the skill of the game, you just need to remember a few points as follow. Firstly, you only need to control the Dadish’s forward, backward and jumping, and try to avoid strange creatures or eliminate them completely. Secondly, adventure mode and various explosive treasure chests are waiting for you to unlock and discover, challenge interesting game adventures, and complete higher-level challenges within a limited number of times. Finally, concentrate on constantly breaking through yourself. If you want to get good grades and run longer distances, you must learn to summarize and find skills in failures.

Last but not least, the reason I recommend this game to you is that one-finger convenient operation mode can relieve your stress, and free operation challenge mode shows your level of challenge, if you like, don’t miss it if you like it. And more importantly, the style of the game is very retro. It perfectly restores the childhood classics and can bring you more joy. The experience is excellent and it is worth a try.

【Top10-Game’s Review】                

Having said so many personal opinions, I’d like to make some serious summaries of the reviews on the game Dadish 2. I loved Dadish, and I love this game too. I think that the new features and characters are introduced very well and the levels are fun and engaging. I especially loved the level difficulty and witty dialogue, as well as the humorous Possum Mode. Dangerous spike pits and enemies insignificant, and the greatest obstacles are pushing boxes, and the walls of the level. As Fowlst moves via a jumping motion, pushing boxes becomes a highly difficult task. However, the biggest fun of the game is that there are many traps and obstacles, you have to dodge and pass the test perfectly, pay attention to the front, collect those gold coins and props, and explore this exciting world. Of course every time you play the game, whether you are successful or not, you will get some gold coins that can be used to buy tons of skins. The plot here is interesting, especially the dialogue, so I’m sure you'll enjoy it.


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Editor's Review

Dadish 2, an extremely challenging game with a unique control mode that’s great to pass the time. And in the whole process of passing the level, everyone can reap unlimited fun and test the player’s reaction ability. As the sequel to Dadish, Dadish2 is equally fun and interesting, and the new level challenges will bring you more game content to enjoy, and better to get the charm of the game.

First of all, as a side-scrolling adventure game, you can come to a unique world in the game to start your own adventure, constantly destroy the enemies blocking your way, avoid one dangerous trap after another, and finally complete the challenge. There are a lot of props are waiting for you to help you win easier. As the game continues to progress, the map will become more complex and various puzzles are waiting for you to complete.

Next, there are more different fruits and vegetables will appear in the game, and more food shapes will appear interesting. You can have more joy and fun in the process of saving your child. And a lot of different game levels are carefully crafted, the difficulty will gradually increase, you need to adapt well.

Finally, precisely because of this game’s retro challenging, unique and intuitive control mode that doesn’t require on-screen buttons, it’s suitable for most types of players. In the game you just do flexible use of various skills and props to help you pass the level, the most important thing is to have excellent reflexes. Of course, there are a lot of levels for you to explore freely, don’t touch some traps.


Generally speaking, it is a fun and casual game that is very good to play. The gameplay of Dadish 2 has rich experience and fun. If you’re interested, don’t miss it!