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Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go!

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August 31, 2022
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January 24, 2019
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

In love with hot dogs? In Papa’s Hot Doggeria, you can make hot dogs on a daily basis, not for yourself, but for your customers!

【Top10-Game’s Recommend】

As the most popular food in the seasonal stadium, hot dogs are always in high demand. Your job is to make tasty and fresh hot dogs to serve customers. However, since you are managing the whole shop, you are responsible for every tasks from taking the orders, making hot dogs, to serving the picky and wacky customers. Thus, you have to be quick-minded and work efficiently in order to make your customers happy. Thankfully, since the controls of the game have just gone through readjustment for smaller screens, you will be able to act quickly and work with more outputs and will not have your fingers get in the way. You are supposed to switch between four different stations to complete the procedures of making hot dogs. To start with, when a customer makes his or her order, you need to head to the front at the border station immediately and take the order for your hungry customers waiting in the lobby. Then, quickly move to the grill station to start the cooking operation. Put the juicy hot dogs on the grill and flip them until they get ready. After that, switch to the build station to add more flavors to the hot dogs by selecting from a wide array of condiments. Rush to the pop station to prepare fresh-made drinks and pour some popcorn as the side dish. Finally, calmly serve the dishes to your customers at the front with a smiling face and try your best to satisfy them. As you can see, throughout the process, you will invariably master the skills of making delicious hot dogs by gaining lots of hands-on experience while managing multiple tasks at the same time. The ultimate goal for you is to make your customers happy without keeping them waiting for their orders for too long. Only if they are content, can you earn points and level up. What’s more, with the upgrading of the game, you will be able to access new features like new toppings to use and new customers with new orders. Besides, if the hot dog you craft is good enough, you will earn tips from customers and you can spend those tips to purchase items in the shop. Apart from the major features mentioned above, if you are bored of the cooking part and want to have more fun, try mini-games as well. Tips could also be used to buy tickets used in mini-games.

【Top10-Game’s Review】

We will never get enough of the Papa’s restaurant series. In Papa’s Hot Doggeria, you will learn how to make hot dogs and handle multiple tasks at the same time. Various features waiting for you to unlock as you level up. The rich content of the game satiates the curiosity of players and keeps entertaining them. By earning tips from customers, you can buy extra items from the shop to decorate your lobby. Therefore, the game is more than cooking but also about decoration. Up to 108 in-games served in the game so that you will never get bored of the game. There are altogether 112 customers to unlock, each with different requirements, posting challenges to players consistently. Furthermore, during special seasons of holidays, holiday-themed ingredients and recipes could be unlocked as well. To conclude, Papa’s Hot Doggeria is a rather intriguing and addictive hands-on game recommended for all players who want to gain some cooking experience.

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Editor's Review

Papa’s series is back, this time is a theme of hot dog stores. If you have played the other works of the series, and then you will be no difficulty to start. For this series, despite the fact that each episode is more or less the same, but still has a lot of supporters. Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go is a very classic and interesting management game, many customers have different requirements, you need to learn to make different hot dogs, but also need to unlock more types of hot dogs, so as to meet more orders, earn more gold, unlock recipes to have fun. You need to multitask between the four aspects of the hot dog. Head to the ordering station to take orders from your hungry customers in the lobby. Move to the build station to add a variety of tasty condiments to your hot dogs. Jump to the pop-up station to pour delicious drinks and pop some fresh popcorn to complete the feast. As you level up, you'll unlock new toppings for the store and new customers will start shopping for hot dogs! Carefully designed hot dogs and then you will also earn you tips in laying flowers.