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December 1, 2021
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

What do you know about farming? If you were to own a farm, would you be able to handle it? I'm asking because I'm about to introduce a game called Hay Day. This is a very new lovely and healing game developed by Supercell.

Hay Day is a cartoon-style, easy-to-play analogue business game developed by Supercell Oy and released on June 21, 2012. This is not just a general business game of business and trade, but also a bit of strategy because there is an industry chain, from plant harvesting in farms to animal breeding to semi-finished products, all of which are linked together. Therefore, each link planting quantity is very tested the player's management strategy; this work is not the general mechanical management class game, playability is relatively high.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1.From the game's graphics, the game developer Supercell Oy has been known to have a solid artistic background since making tribal wars. The whole picture of the game is incredibly detailed, from a farm building to a pond with a frog in it. In the game, the player and the player can only carry on the mutual exchange by the transaction.

2.And although the price of goods at the time of transaction has upper and lower limits, the difference among them is also quite powerful. The pleasure of buying at a low price and selling at a high price is reflected incisively and vividly. Hay Day does its best to simulate life on a farm. The sense of self-sufficiency is overwhelming, and the delicate graphics seem to draw the player into another world. It is simply another masterpiece by the developer after the game tribal conflict, and I urge all players to come and play.

3.In addition, the game needs to run online! Enter the game click on the upper left-hand corner of the settings button to change the language to Chinese! Hay Day is the most incredible farm game ever! The Game | is designed with fluent gestures for your Android device, and you'll enjoy one of the world's top gaming experiences. Return to nature, raise poultry, experience calm, simple farm life. The game comes with Simplified Chinese, and you can choose in the game settings. Start with simple tasks, feeding animals, planting fruit trees, building cake ovens and ice cream machines to make fresh produce the most delicious food. Eventually, you will be able to expand your farm and decorate it as the most beautiful and fantastic manor.

4.You will become a big-name rancher by trading with your friends and global players! Features: make delicious food on your farm from natural ingredients you produce. Buy and sell fresh, healthy farm products at roadside stores. Play with Google + and your Facebook friends, fun gesture control, simulated genuine farm-style care for cute and playful farm animals to build facilities. Such as coffee stands and barbecue grills to cultivate the land, use different tools to expand and decorate the farm exquisite animation effects, easy and pleasant music, let you feel your farm full of vitality!

5.One of the most important things you should know about the game is what I'm going to tell you. In the game, a small animal is the most important fox. Because it's hard to catch, now, I'll let you know, the fox shows up where the raspberries are, but time is of the essence. After the fox appears, you can fence him in so that he can't get out. Some players may be surrounded, and you can try to plant a few raspberry bushes around them; perhaps there will be unexpected results.

【Top10-Game's Review】

All in all, it's a very healing and beautiful game. It is a super farm management type of mobile phone game, smooth operation, play a variety of fresh beautiful and pleasing to the eye, the role of micro-characterization, like the farm theme of the game friends, welcome to experience.

We need to know the terrain, take care of the crops, trade goods with our neighbors. It doesn't rain elsewhere, but the crops don't Wilt. Enjoy the happy farm life together with the small animals with different habits!

Don't forget to expand your farm and personalize the layout: trade crops and fresh produce with your neighbors through your roadside shop. When you upgrade to a certain level, you can also use trucks or freighters to fill orders. Don't hesitate to download it now!

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Editor's Review

The game is so funny and I love building my farm. As a classic farm simulation management game, I believe that many people have played.I’m also a big fan of it. In Hay Day, what I need to do is how to produce and expand reproduction efficiently, how to operate the farm reasonably according to the rules of the game and expand the scale of the farm to earn more gold coins.At the same time, a big highlight of this game is that I can earn coins through reasonable resource allocation,and the sense of achievement brought by this model is self-evident.

Moreover, Hay Day is a game full of fun to keep me busy and simple game modes are very addictive.

On the other hand,I have to say,it was not very friendly to me for buying tools on a daily basis. After all,I had already experienced the joy of upgrading everyday.I wish it can be adjusted.

In short,Hay Day is a very good casual game and is nice to kill time.