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Geometry Dash Lite

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December 22, 2017
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December 21, 2017
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Are You Good at strategy games? Recommend a casual game to you, and I think very dynamic and exciting graphics game. When you play this game, your mind and body are very relaxed. If you're interested, read on.

The game is called Geometry Dash Lite and was developed by ROBTOP Games. This is a test of the ability to reflect the small round through the jump and fly through the obstacles. And you can also make your levels, and you can play this game with your friends.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

Geometry Dash Lite is a new RobTop Games casual game featuring "Reaction Power," where players tap the screen to help our Geometry cubes dodge various traps and move on. In the geometry sprint game, the player will control the box to break through the barrier, jump between the platform, move quickly, and avoid various traps and obstacles in the scene. The game has multiple skills; mastering these skills makes it easier for players to pass the level, and geometric sprints also have a practice mode in which players can try out new unlocking skills.

Click on the screen to complete the jump together, and the game obstacles are many. The structure of the scene will become more complex. Through more of their new adventures to bring the player blood challenges, the game is also challenging, but they also need to understand each song's rhythm. There will be more and more obstacles, and players will need much skill to get around them, and the way they operate will be different, and the game will be fun.

This game is full of charm rhythm themes of the mobile phone game, and you can see a rich action clearance platform. Can unlock more images and content, time to launch a personalized game character. Happy Frame Rocket, happy clearance, test the player's hand speed. By constantly strengthening your skills, you can create a whole new operating experience.

Geometric sprints highlight, light, excellent music accompaniment, and various levels will affect the plot!

The novice has the practice pattern, and the super-tight game design has never played the player also not to worry. Although the difficulty level has prevented the player from advancing the footsteps but also lets the work become very durable to play. When you challenge the screen, you also need to help yourself avoid several blocks in the box. Through the DIY level of the production function, players have to go all the way to the front to make their levels, and you can also challenge other players. The grey frame can pick its shape, then use the color grid to be fixed color, and then point the pink arrow. When you run into the tip of the monomer spines, slide at a closer distance so that several shapes can jump quickly without being pricked. In the gap full of blackthorns, the line to the multi-shaped junction layer barrier seizes the rhythm point, the first jump to the beginning of the lower lattice top edge, trigger triple jump, you can go smoothly through.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Overall, the game has a rhythm-based action game that opens new icons and colors for players, has many personas, and use a practice mode to enhance your skills. This is an almost impossible task, where you must jump the characters in the frame according to the tempo of the action platform game and across the different dangers.

In this game, you have to be ready to take on challenges that are almost impossible to accomplish. And you have to be able to use your skills to the best of your ability to Fly, rollover, or avoid these dangerous passages, and you have to jump over uneven obstacles.

Players in the game most need to pay attention to their operation; a delayed response may be made a big mistake. So, if you like a challenge, download it now!

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Editor's Review

Geometry Dash Lite is a game mainly test one’s reaction capacity. The game focus on the rhythm and there are a lot of levels. As a player, I need to find the sense of rhythm of the game according to the difficulty of different levels, control my geometric blocks, and quickly go through a variety of game obstacles.

The operation of the game is not difficult. There are two skills to help me complete the game. The first is the basic combination of jump and roll, the difficulty is relatively low, I mainly practice the hand speed, when jumping to the air can quickly roll down, in the half of the roll can click jump, very suitable for avoiding obstacles. The second is the obstacle double jump, the difficulty is higher than the former, and I need to jump to the top of the obstacle, step on the obstacle and then jump, the space requirement is very accurate.

In short, this simple touch game will bring you a unique experience and is sure to make you enjoy it.



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