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Tinker Island - Survival Story Adventure

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About this game

Size :
108.00 Mb
Updated :
April 1, 2022
Developer :
Tricky Tribe
Size :
276.41 Mb
Updated :
April 12, 2022
Developer :
Tricky Tribe

Description & How To Play

【One sentence Introduction】

Thinker Island is a simple and fun pixel style deserted island survival game developed by Tricky Tribe. In this game, you will play as an adventurer on a tropical deserted island, helping three survivors survive on the island, leading your companions to build bases, find resources, explore treasures, and always be on the lookout for savage beasts.

【Top10-Game’s Recommend】

First of all, compared with other simulation games, Thinker Island does not adopt the cumbersome sandbox mode, but simplifies the complexity, and changes the management method from moving assignments one by one to clicking characters to complete tasks. The operation is extremely simple, and which is in line with your habit of using fragmented time to play games. From this point of view, the design is much humanized.

In the next place, although the main goal of the game is to help the three survivors survive on the island and lead companions to build bases, find resources and explore treasures, it is not limited to these. You also need to click on other parts of the desert island to continuously explore the secrets of this desert island, and in the process of exploration, and you need to face not only sudden dangerous situations, but also terrifying and savage beasts. So don’t blindly expand territory. When the resources are abundant and the strength is enough, it is more practical to explore.

In addition, the relationship between various game construction resources is interlinked, and it is suitable to use fragmented time to take care of island life. With a natural and gentle graphics, this game is quite casual to play, and it is also very suitable for experiencing your ability to simulation.

Last but not least, in addition to discovering new members during the exploration process, you can also recruit new members by purchasing. Click the little man icon in the upper right corner to see the list of members the player can recruit. Each member has four attributes, namely exploration ability, picking ability, construction ability, and attack ability. It is worth noting that the more prominent the ability, the stronger the members.

【Top10-Game’s Review】

On the whole, this is a treasure game, which impresses me a lot, and is much more than I expected. The text based adventures are fun, creative, and at times humorous. There are lots of areas, cool characters, hunts, crafting, mini games, events, and it’s relatively easy to earn gems. The core gameplay of Thinker Island is to allocate resources and labor, according to the ability of survivors to allocate labor, which can achieve multiplier effect with half the effort. There are four types that correspond to the attributes of each survivor like Explore, Forage, Labor and Build. In the Explore tab, you can discover new continents by constantly exploring the island, and the island will talk to you from time to time, allowing you to make choices and advance the game. While in Build tab, the construction of the camp is the key to unlocking skills. If you want to make weapons and fishing rods, you must start from here. All labor distribution requires material or material support, so it is also very important to send members to seek food in Forage tab. I would recommend this game for people who like adventure, survival, even board games because it is a great way to spend time, especially while you’re waiting for your survivors to finish a mission or harvest materials. Get ready to join me now!

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Editor's Review

Are you interested in adventure games? Or would you like to try it? Thinker Island is just such a mini-world adventure game developed by Ricky Tribe. While it is mainly an idle game, you are able to unlock a mode that allows it to be a fully fledged game.


First of all, as a simulation survival game, Tinker Island adopts a very unique mode of operation. You will play as an adventurer on an isolated island, leading your companions to build a base, find resources, explore treasures and fight against beasts. To be specific, you simply move your character’s cards in different directions and send them on quests to explore, collect, build, etc. And the story is presented as a dialog box.


After that, although there are many games of desert island simulation on the market, it takes a lot of time and energy to open up deserted and collect resources. However, in this respect, Thinker Island overturns traditional methods by reducing complexity to simplicity, changing the way of operation from assigning tasks one by one to one by clicking characters. This simple operation is in line with the habit of many players who play games in their spare time. And the game turns a person into a data card. If you need to do something, just slide the screen to move the person to the item that needs to be done.


On the whole, this is genuinely a really great game and I love it indeed. With exquisite graphics and rich story content, Thinker Island is a game that interprets survival adventure with card gameplay. If you are also into adventure games, survival games or even board games, then this is definitely a game worth checking out.