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About this game

Size :
176.16 Mb
Updated :
March 30, 2022
Developer :
Space Ape
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289.08 Mb
Updated :
March 31, 2022
Developer :
Space Ape

Description & How To Play

 【One Sentence Introduction】

A mobile rhythm game featuring a wide range of popular music from different genres such as hip-hop, rock and electronics, along with some famous tracks from the music history.


1. A simple way of interacting with your music that is very immersive and highly engaging.

2. There are so many different genres of music available for you to discover, enjoy, sing together and tap along with.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Beatstar - Touch Your Music is a very simple game, all you need to do is to tap, hold and flick notes. You probably already are familiar with similar types of rhythm games; this game is also very similar. There are notes that come down from the top of the screen and you need to tap them just when they reach the bottom edge. And in this game, you play in portrait mode with only three lines, and there are only tapping, holding and flicking, without sliding like most of the other games do.

Don’t think the game is that easy just because there are only three lines. This game is kind of a lot more difficult than any other music games with the same game mechanics. The notes are very fast and various, requiring a lot of concentration and agility.

Unlike most of the other rhythm games you might’ve played before, specific music doesn’t have a single difficulty. One song can be more and more difficult once you finish them in lower levels, making it really challenging to really master one single song. However, it’s not that impossibly difficult for an experience player with a good sense of rhythm. But you still need to put a lot of effort to really master it and earn enough score.

You can have your moves rated “perfect”, “perfect+”, “great” and “miss”. Every single move that is rated “perfect” will enable a combo and is added up to it gradually. Your combo can enable a multiplier and that helps you achieve high scores more easily. If you get a “great” in the course of a combo, you combo will be broken, so is your multiplier. There are also “perfect+” rates that give you much higher score, but it’s very difficult to get since you need very precise timing. Multiplier is a very important factor to score higher in any single run, so it will be a main concern in you gaming process.

Every single song is rated and gives you stars according to your score, it is so difficult to get five stars even with having every beat with “perfect”, you need to have enough “perfect+” as well and that is a big challenge for hard-core players. As you win more and more stars, you will be able to unlock new features and new music to play. More available music means more available stars, which mean more music and so on.

The aesthetics of the game is just beautiful. It’s very clean and free from extra information, yet the colors are so well-matched and put together. every single song has its own theme color. And different songs from the same artist have similar color theme. The main soundtracks, of course are the songs, but the sound effects are also very well made, they are very simple and not distracting, make you focus on the music without too much effort. Speaking of these two aspects, the game looks beautiful and sounds wonderful.

There are so many different songs are available and more songs are being updating on a regular basis. You can find popular artist such as Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga and Sia. All readily available in the track list. If you are big music fan and you love engaging with music in this way, you really shouldn’t miss this game.

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Editor's Review

The rich music library, simple gameplay, and interesting social elements are the main reasons that attracted me to play Beatstar. As well as being a music fan, it fulfills my desire for a new type of rhythm game.

On the one hand, if you’ve ever played Rhythm Master, you’ll see a lot of similarities and differences between the two games. Of course, different types of music games that satisfy player’s obsession with rhythm, and I’m no exception. Meanwhile, both Rhythm Master and Beatstar, in addition to the continuous and intense blows that increase the challenge of music game, various rhythm gestures also increases the difficulty of the game to some extent. In Beatstar, there are two gestures: Long press and Slide. When encountering a sliding bock, I also need to slide around according to the row. In a word, the two games are equally difficult. Additionally, the long press in the Beatstar vibrates intermittently according to the rhythm of the music, which is very nice in spectral surface response and feedback effect of touch keys.

On the other hand, rich music library is another feature of the game. Here I can discover new songs from my favorite artists. Play through hits from Doja Cat, Avicii and Lil Nas X, or explore the classics like Lynard Skynard's Sweet Home Alabama. In addition to the game itself, community rankings have been added to Beatstar. I can rank directly with my Supercell friends, share new music with my friends and brag when I beat their score.

By the way, if you’re the loyal fan of the music game, please do not miss this game out!



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