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The Elder Scrolls: Blades

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March 2, 2022
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March 2, 2022
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Description & How To Play

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a very unique role-playing game. The game is somewhat complex and the player need to take a while to get used to the combination of town building, combat and looting.

After entering the game, players will find challenges in the mission menu, which is a convenient way to earn extra cash and you will get rewards for completing basic actions (e.g. causing a certain level of damage). However, you will not be automatically rewarded: you must return to the challenge page and click the "Declare" button. New challenges will also not be loaded until you have cleared the old ones from the menu. Therefore, you should check the challenges page regularly to make sure you have completed all checks.

Shields are vital early in the game to counteract almost all damage from low-level enemies. If you time your obstacles before enemies come in, you will stagger them. This gives you time to swipe a few times, or even increase the strength of your spells over a longer casting time. Fireball is a powerful early game spell, but takes a long time to cast and will set you on fire if interrupted, so trigger it as soon as you stagger your enemies and set them down safely.

When you have the resources, build two Smithies. you will need to start upgrading your equipment and crafting at some point, and both actions take time, so eliminate the smithy when it is obsolete. Creating two means you can use one for crafting and upgrading, and the other for selling found weapons.

And, gears can be damaged when used, which reduces their performance. Visit the blacksmith store where you can to maintain your items regularly to keep them in good condition. You can do bulk repairs on everything at once and it won't cost you a lot of money.

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Editor's Review


The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a typical first-person RPG, classic dungeon adventure. As a player you need to play as an exiled Blade runner who returns hometown to find it destroyed and takes it upon himself to rebuild it.

【How to play】

The theme of the gameplay and content continued the classic Elder Scrolls series, the operation can be horizontal and vertical of the switch at any time and many finger operation, which is also quite novel. There are two basic modes in the game: Town and Abyss. In town mode, players will enter a village and complete a series of tasks. The main goal of this mode is to clear some enemies and collect items. Once back in town after the mission, you'll use the resources you've earned to build and upgrade buildings, leveling up your town and unlocking more advanced missions. This kind of innovative gameplay will give you a different feeling and experience.

Speaking of the Abyss mode, it's the one I'm most interested in. And the gameplay in this mode is relatively high. Abyss mode keeps things fresh with lots of loot drops and different enemies on each tier. Much of the fun comes from a combat system that requires careful timing, pressing down on the screen to attack, and you need to release your attack when the circle is exactly the same size as the on-screen circle. Once the player dies, progress and loot are retained, and you can choose to start from scratch or restart from the nearest checkpoint. Without loading screens and forcing the player to return to town after completing quests, the pace of the game is significantly faster. The abyss in this mode is an endless dungeon beneath the town that gets more and more difficult as the player progresses.

In addition, the game is not just about action-adventure gameplay, but also about free character shooting, customizing your character and discovering unique weapons, armor and abilities. And the game also has a building gameplay, if you’re a casual gamer, it’s perfect for you. In terms of combat experience, I find the game is very challenging for the player's ability to operate and react.  


The Elder Scrolls: Blades is impeccable in terms of music and sound, and I think it’s even better than graphics. It has a distinctive theme music and realistic sound effects, and it can give players a strong sense of immersion without headphones. And if you’re careful enough, you will find that the sound of the game is same to Elder Scrolls 5, the feeling is so fantastic, which will bring you more powerful crit sound effects.


In terms of game graphics, The Elder Scrolls: Blades adopts the style of action RPG, and through special graphics processing technology brings exquisite picture quality and creates a high-quality game environment, and the picture quality is as good as other game platforms, providing players with a good game experience.

【Game review】

On the whole, I think it is a better RPG. Set in the world of the Scrolls, I can enjoy the freedom of exploration and adventure, taking me to explore the dungeons and enjoy the classic dungeons adventure. Besides, Town and abyss mode also enhances the freedom and playability of the game, and there may be treasure chests in the small corners of the game. Exploring the map carefully will yield unexpected results. Bty, would you like to experience stunning dungeon adventures, Come and join me together!