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About this game

Size :
Depends on the device
Updated :
June 1, 2021
Developer :
Amanita Design
Size :
762.91 Mb
Updated :
April 1, 2020
Developer :
Amanita Design

Description & How To Play

CHUCHEL game is the latest casual entertainment mobile game produced by "mechanical city" game developer. The game features a cartoon animation style, the scene is very beautiful. In the game players will be with a black ball-shaped creature wearing an orange hat to start a magical adventure together. The game play is simple and interesting.

Unlike other games, the game does not have a main menu, so you can enter the first act directly after entering the game. Click the blue hat at the top twice to wake up the main character. After the protagonist wakes up, when he takes out the cherry and is about to eat it, the cherry will be snatched away by a mysterious hand. Then the protagonist will also be grabbed by the big hand.

The mysterious hand puts the protagonist, the black face one and the cherry into a strange place together. Then the mouse appears, in order to grab the cherry with the protagonist, the mouse will try to stop him from getting close to the cherry.

After walking to the far right, the mouse will appear on the far left in an instant, and then steals the cherry from behind.

Just when the Blackface is pleased with himself, the mysterious hand appears again and grabs Blackface and the cherry together. The cherry will be hung on the tree, and Blackface has to find a way to get it from the tree. Click on the tree, then select the first option to get the cherry down. When the cherry falls down, the tree also falls down and hits the black one. The black-faced one gets angry and picks up one tree trunk to chase after the mouse. In the process of the two men chasing, the cherry is snatched by the yellow monster and put into its body. Then click on the road sign to pry open the yellow monster's body.


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Editor's Review


Chuchel is a comedy adventure game with interactive environment and puzzles. It doesn't have complicated operations and dialogue, it just a story of retrieving the precious cherry. The whole game is relaxed and joyful.

【How to play】

The whole game full of childlike atmosphere, and in some scenes you can even clear the stage by clicking on the only thing on the screen that the player can interact with. Actions involve tapping and swiping to pull, etc.

The puzzles in the game are not complicated. If you really can’t figure out how to solve the puzzles, the clues are given to you for free, since the puzzle isn’t really the point. In other words, the purpose of the game is to entertain the player, and to allow the player to experience the entire game smoothly, which is very important.

Back to the gameplay of the game, Chuchel adopts the operation mode of point-n-click. Players need to guide Mr. Chuchel on an adventure to help him get the delicious cherries. It’s not so much a puzzle game as a short animation, with a small number of puzzle elements and a clean screen. The game takes the form of point-and-click feedback, and after each attempt, you get a hilarious hairy chuchel animation. The player is probably watching the on-screen animation more than the game itself. , the puzzles are not difficult and the whole process is relaxing. You only need to spend 3 hours to enjoy the endless joy brought by the lovely hairy chuchel.

What’s more, many mini-game levels are designed to add fun and diversity to the gameplay. The game has Tetris, Angry birds, Galaxian modes and so on. There are many interactive elements to the scene, and players can watch hundreds of amazing animations while solve puzzles. It is this delicate animation that makes even the smallest facial expressions and body language of characters like Chuchel and Kekel cause players to laugh.


The BGM of the game comes from the band DVA. In order to experience the indomitable and positive spirit of the role, the music style is also relaxed and cheerful, with the laughter and mouth movements of Mr. Chuchel, it will be very interesting. Of course, there is a reason for this. The name of Mr. Chuchel indicates that he will have a bumpy journey, with repeated failures for being too dark. So, just need such music to encourage it to go forward, players will also be impressed by this atmosphere, and it seems like everything is no longer difficult.


The graphics are designed around Chuchel’s irksome nature, and this personalization clearly adds much fun to the game. And it continued the ugly and cute style, colorful and warm, full of vitality and the joke is easy to understand, which showing a romantic and innocent imagination. Each scene level brings novelty, joy and a sense of accomplishment with its colorful, hand-drawn drawings as you solve captivating puzzles.

【Game review】

Overall, as a puzzle game full of innocence and childlike fun, it is suitable for players of all ages, whether children or adults, can enjoy the joy of the game. And this joy that warm up even the coldest of souls. Btw, if you’re looking for a game that’s pure fun, I highly recommend you try this game: CHUCHEL.