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Subway Surfers

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February 18, 2022
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February 21, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

What games do you usually have in mind when we talk about parkour? Remember when we were childlike to play a parkour game? A little boy is running on top of the train. When I say this, do you already know which game I'm talking about?

The game is called Subway riders and was developed by Sybo Games. Subway Surfers is a fun casual racing game; the screen is relatively fresh and straightforward. It would help if you controlled the constantly running in the checkpoint to meet new challenges, avoid obstacles, and get your own set of props to complete the adventure level.

Top10-Game's Recommend

The game is a temple escape classic parkour game. The game screen is gorgeous, exquisite, colorful people feel very comfortable; the operation is smooth and clean. Dodge obstacles and oncoming trains by simply rowing up, down, left, and right, helping the hero avoid being chased by a grumpy cop and his dog. You can change direction from left to right in the air, and you can double-click the screen to bring up your skateboard, which adds life to your life in a limited amount of time. The game also contains a variety of props, such as spring shoes. Subway Surfers International is the subway parkour international edition, joined the map of Tokyo. Bring a brand-new game content, take you to start a new round of parkour tour, easy and smooth operation, but also provide a variety of skills props can be used, there are more role scenes can unlock, a large number of gold coins reward not to be missed, fun to stop! Subway surfers as a parkour game, many new maps appear, such as Tokyo. Walk around Tokyo, enjoy the cherry blossom capital! The theme map will be Tokyo.

Everyone knows this is a 3D parkour game, so we want to play a child on the training spray by the police chase, full of danger and fun on the train to run crazy, with American street style, the color is very bright, is a good parkour game. The game is similar to a traditional 3D parkour, where you swipe up for a jump, swipe down for a tumble, and swipe left and right for a change of tack. There are all kinds of obstacles in the game, such as oncoming trains baffles on the side of the tracks. of course, you will die if you hit a train or a big block. If it hits a minor obstacle, the police and dogs will catch up with you a little bit.

If it is hit again, it can only be caught by the police uncle, game Over. Subway Surfers have an extensive collection of gold coins, like Temple Run's, to buy or unlock store items and characters. Ben introduced a task system that gives you tasks every day to overcome the tedium of playing 3D parkour games for too long. Below, we have four jobs today: first, collect 500 gold coins. Second, score 1,000 points in parkour. Third, pick up two props, and fourth, contain the letters CREW you're going to encounter in the game.

Props are divided into two, and one can be collected in the game, such as shoes, jetpacks and magnets, for which we do not buy but use gold coins to increase their duration. Another category of props is the consumption of support, such as skateboards and the mysterious box, jumping directly in front of the 250 meters. These props to Use gold coins to buy, such as skateboarding, are the Use of the double-tap screen; you can increase your speed and height and go a lot further with a skateboard. Still, these props are disposable, they go away when you hit an obstacle, and you have to keep buying them. Suppose you think you want to change the main character. In that case, the book also provides several other characters to you, but as mentioned above, to use UFO parts to unlock. The girl is the easiest to open, with only three parts, the last three characters are tricky, requiring 50,200 and 500 elements to unlock, so you'll have to take your time to use them all thoroughly.

Top10-Game's Review

In general, the 3D effect is excellent. The colour is bright, and the play is also fascinating; with sheer test reaction power, the game adds the task system so that the game will not be monotonous, the various props and characters are also refreshing. However, there is an internal purchase system, but it cannot play well. The game is accessible on the shelves, so for legitimate users is also worth trying.

The general parkour games are all about life and death, so the overall color choice is very gloomy, but Subway Surfers changed the depressed style of the screen and boldly adopted highly bright colors. Once you're in the game, you grab the player's attention.

This bright color tone of the parkour game reduces the tension; even if an accidentally hits the wall will not be very upset—the sound effects of the game to lively and fun-oriented. Rich is indeed general but plays parkour games, and we are staring at the obstacles in front of those who have time to enjoy music.

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Editor's Review

Compared to other games, Subway surfers is one of the funniest game I have played. First of all, in terms of the game style, the combination of multiple colors made me visually comfortable. In addition, as a 3D action-adventure parkour game, the fresh and simple cartoon game style with relaxed and pleasant background music also brought me a good game experience and extremely decompression.

Then, from the perspective of gameplay, Subway Surfers is different from other kinds of games. It doesn’t have complicated operations, and the gameplay is pretty simple. I only need to control the character to run through the level, avoiding the obstacles that appeared and obtaining exclusive items to complete the level adventure.

Meanwhile, there are lot of activity scenes in the game, such as run alternately three tracks back and forth, or run top of the subway. The simple and smooth operation mode is easy to control, and the jumping movement can be completed by clicking and sliding.

In brief, the whole game is very playable and worth downloading.



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