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Hello Neighbor

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November 30, 2018
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September 21, 2021
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Hello Neighbor is a thrilling horror game released in the year of 2017. It is about finding out your neighbor’s secrets.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. Some scenes in Hello Neighbor are designed very vividly. We can see many details of the game scene when we play the game, so we can be more engaged and careful when playing the game.

2. Hello Neighbor can bring us a lot of exciting and interesting experiences. There are also some unpredictable situations in the game, which can train our reaction speed and courage, and we will not feel bored easily.

3. We need to complete some tasks in the game, these tasks require our observation ability, so in the process of playing the game, our observation ability can also be greatly improved.

【Top10-Game's Review】

I would highly recommend Hello Neighbor to you. First of all, the picture quality of the game is very high, because its animation design and character design pixels are very excellent, and the overall game color saturation is not very high, so our eyes will feel very comfortable when playing the game. The sound effects are also very suspenseful and exciting, which also adds to the charm of this game. Any details of the game are handled very well, for example, as for some electrical appliances, its switches are available, unlike some games, some of its appliances are not usable. So we should pay attention to what we can use, because they may be the key to solve the puzzle.

In the game, we need to keep in mind that we have many tasks, and the tasks of each stage are different. As we play more and more, the tasks we encounter will become more difficult and our chances of failing will increase. We need to sneak into the neighbor's house, and it's very difficult to sneak into his house, because we don't have keys, so we can use some cardboard boxes to make them stack higher, and then we can step on the cardboard boxes and reach roof to sneak into his house. After entering, we need to observe the layout of the inside, as well as the furnishings of some things. Of course, we are not very familiar with the neighbor's house, so we need to go back to our own house to get some tools to help us explore his secrets. For example, we can go to our own house and take out some hammers and the like for you to open some boxes and so on. Of course we must not be caught by our neighbor when we are completing the task, because he is very vigilant, he will notice any very loud noises we make inside or outside the house, and the inside environment of the house is also very dark. Sometimes when we go to some other rooms, we find that there are no lights there at all. At this time, we need to use a flashlight to look at some objects around us. We must pay attention to the surrounding environment when we are exploring alone, because our neighbor may sometimes appear quietly. When we were caught by the neighbors, it was a very scary thing. It is worth noting that the game adopts the first perspective, so we can really feel the situation the game character is in at that time, and feel all his actions and so on. All in all, the playability of this game is very high, and we must not miss this game. When we complete every task of the game, we will have a strong sense of achievement, so be sure to download and play.

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Editor's Review


Hello Neighbor is essentially a small sandbox game with a lot of strategy.

As a player I could sneak into neighbor’s house and try to find out his secret hidden in the basement. In the process, against the advanced AI, which can know my every move.

【How to play】

As a unique horror strategy action game, I have to say its gameplay is also distinctive. The player’s goal is to sneak into the neighbor’s house, using various means to avoid the detection of neighbors, and finally enter the mysterious basement to win. Although it seems simple, the neighbor in the game is quite sensitive. The most fatal is that he can not only find your trace through hearing and vision, but also can learn from your action behavior in the game, and constantly improve his intelligence.

In addition, players can also use various props in their neighbor’s home to make trouble for their neighbors so that they can escape. The kettle, refrigerator, chair, slingshot and so on in neighbor’s home are all powerful tools for you to trick your neighbors as long as you can image.

Similarly, the smart neighbor can use the same props against you, so be on the lookout. I have a little piece of advice here. If you’re new to the game, watch out for the trap in your neighbor ‘house, once you step in it, you will be caught by your neighbor.

At the same time, the genre of the game is interesting and novel, and the storyline is not as simple as it looks. Solve puzzles and find your way to the next scene as you against your neighbor. Here, I have to say that the design of the neighbor’s house is so clever. Despite it doesn’t look big on the surface, it looks like a maze when you experience it. Multiple traps and levels, exploring the mysterious and huge neighbor’s house without being discovered by him, which is a great test of the player’s reaction and analysis ability, and if you’re not careful enough, your neighbor will catch you that means game over.

All in all, the gameplay of Hello Neighbor is not difficult, but mainly test of player’s reflexes. You can win by sneaking into the house and opening the basement door to prevent your neighbor from seeing you through doges, obstacles, and traps.


The terrifying atmosphere in the game is quite in place. Especially when I look back and see Mr. Wang, the face that suddenly appears in front of me still startled me. The closer Mr. Wang gets, the more intense the sound will be. The whole process is very exciting, which is a bit like Identity V chase, but it’s even scarier I think.


The game is operated and decrypted from the perspective of the first person. 3D cartoon style, and the graphics is delicate. The style of the game interface is refreshing and simple, which can clearly see the details of items near and far.

【Game review】

Hello Neighbor is a novel horror adventure game, the overall storyline is ups and downs, fascinating. The graphics is exquisite and unusual, which makes my eyes shine, and all kinds of graphics details are visible everywhere. In the neighbor AI's home, the tense BGM with the real picture give me a feeling of shudder.

On the whole, as a well-designed stealth horror game, the scene items are highly interactive, and I think this game is for those who do not look at the guide and concentrate on the storyline of the player. If you’re interested, come and try this game!