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Crying Suns

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Size :
89.13 Mb
Updated :
June 17, 2021
Developer :
Humble Games
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1.0 Gb
Updated :
April 19, 2021
Developer :
Humble Games

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

This is a mobile game with strategy as the main gameplay. Through the majestic northern architecture, it leads game players into a three-dimensional virtual universe, so as to indulge in a fantasy world, for their belief in the game and ideas cry out.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

I don't know how many of the viewers who read my recommendations here are fans of space wars and the like. If you happen to be the type of gamer I've described, then I'm happy to congratulate you on finding a new treasure this time around. That's the king of space adventure games, Crying Suns. The name of this game doesn't make you instantly think of what he said, because words like cry or sun seem to have little to do with the topic of spaceflight. Still, the best games often go beyond appearances. As the saying goes, don't judge people by their appearance. As long as we are patient and carefully observe the features of this game, we will be able to understand the conference and finally understand the good intentions of the game producers. Sure enough, high-quality adventure gameplay really hides behind the seemingly abstract title. In an established game world, you can become an experienced commander in command of a well-trained fleet of spaceships. Specifically, Crying Suns has the following distinctive game attributes.

According to my rough analysis, a large proportion of the players of this game are deeply impressed by its plot planning. That is to say, this reflects from one aspect that the audience and designers are very recognized for the detailed description of the storyline. The deep and dramatic plot allows gamers to firmly remember the characters of almost all NPCs, and the volume of six chapters makes the entire space story extraordinarily fulfilling. Descriptive item and equipment descriptions ensure the depth of the game, and more than 300 story events will keep gamers who prefer role-playing games addicted.

Let's talk about another feature of the game, that is, the superb battleship design. A good game is often a work of art that can satisfy your audiovisual needs. The game Crying Suns has such an advantage. It can fill your lonely and lonely heart with its excellent art design, and enrich your library with a variety of space battleships. No one can resist the temptation to collect pieces that are glittering and well-crafted. Because as far as I know, many friends have shown great interest in generalization. In this way, you can treasure your own treasures and reap the unexpected delights that fill your heart with joy. This may be a kind of leisurely feeling similar to sunbathing in the afternoon. As long as you are a thoughtful space game player, then you can definitely find more glittering advantages of this game. Of course, we will not deliberately conceal some of its shortcomings.

We all know that when evaluating a game, in order to be fair and objective, we must cover a lot of its characteristics, and strive to achieve deep thinking and connotation in design. I can put it bluntly, this game has hidden details. It's true that games like Crying Suns create a stunning visual experience for gamers with their massive scene builds. This cannot be explained bit by bit. Only through rich experience in game design can we demonstrate high-quality ideological connotations.


【Top10-Game's Review】

All in all, Crying Suns is a game that enjoys the praise of the majority of gamers, and the reason is self-evident. With its superb game production capabilities, it deserves to become the leader in similar games. It has been expected that, after a wealth of experience and knowledge, the game Crying Suns will be able to achieve greater progress in repeated updates and revisions.

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Editor's Review

Absolutely incredible game in my opinion. The atmosphere and gameplay alone are excellent enough. But what really sets it over the top is the storytelling. The characters and struggles in the game are genuinely compelling, and even the randomly generated encounters have fun choices to make.

For one thing, Crying Suns is a really good game with an awesome mix of strategy and choose my own adventure. The game can be really hard for me at the beginning, but soon gets natural. The story is captivating and makes me addictive quickly. In addition, it’s an awesome game, combining nostalgic 2D graphics with a modern attention to detail and tone of atmosphere. I love the feel and scale of the universe and the lore. I wasn’t just playing for battle and loot, but was drawn into unraveling the mysteries of the story.

For another, as for the gameplay of Crying Suns, which used roguelite as the core. The game has a true complete death, each time I die or complete a large chapter, all of my accumulated game data is wiped clean. And each deployment requires a new selection of battleships and space fleet commanders. In addition, as a pixel style strategy game, which includes six chapters with deep and dramatic storyline. The story is complete, but the game content lacks variety. The variety of fighters and the ability of the officers is still too small overall, lacking sufficient strategic depth. So, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Overall, this is a very special strategy game from my point of view. If you also like the sci-fi background and are interested in Roguelite, then I highly recommend this game to you. Are you ready to join me?