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December 29, 2021
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December 30, 2021
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【One Sentence Introduction】

Water connect puzzle is a popular brain-boosting puzzle game developed by illia Korolkov.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. Water connect puzzle is definitely an amazingly enjoyable game. If you are struggling with pressure or in be it in the workplace or your study, you will fall in love with this simple yet relaxing game. It is absolutely a fun and chill game to kill time with.

2. Water connect puzzle is not that challenge overall, so it is simple to pick up Water connect puzzle. In the meanwhile it is not that boring like you don’t have to think at all to complete every level, because some puzzles are quite tricky to solve.

3. When you successfully solve a puzzle, you can not only have a sense of accomplishment but your hand-eye coordination abilities will also get greatly improved .

【Top10-Game's Review】

I would highly recommend this game to all of you. Aquavias: Water connect puzzle is a game with really adorable art style. Everything is not only well animated in this game but also gives off a great sense of cleanness, so you will easily feel calm and relaxed whenever you start this game. Apart from the excellent graphic qualities, you would also enjoy the amazing soundtracks which in my opinion is an indispensable element in Water connect puzzle, and you could listen to water sounds and then you would realize how it would help to relieve your stress. Because they are so quiet, you could immerse yourself thoroughly in the music with ease and focus on solving the puzzles. In a word, relaxing audios and visuals of Water connect puzzle can literally bring you a lot of pleasure and they are really easy on no matter your eyes or ears.

This game also has literally few ads, and ads won’t ruin your game experience when you play the game because they are just at the button, so you could ignore them easily. I totally relate to gamers’ feelings when they get bothered by endless pop up ads during the game. Nothing can be more annoying compared with that, and some games even ask the users to pay some money to get rid of those ads, but that is not the case for Water connect puzzle. So without a doubt this is something you want for sure.

And as its name suggested, your mission in this game is to construct aqueducts and distribute water to different spots in the city in order not to make the whole city suffer from drought.

Although this game is not challenging, some levels are, because they are timed, which means if you can’t figure out how to solve them in a fixed period of time you will lose. Although I failed in this timed levels a lot, I still like this design because this is really helpful to train my puzzle-solving abilities, concentration and so on and it is beneficial to help me solve it more efficiently. In addition to time-limited levels, there are also some steps-limited ones, but personally I feel this is a bit disappointing. As long as you can successfully solve the puzzles, how many steps you make seems not that important. So I hope in the future this game can have a mode in which the users do not need to worry about every step they make and then they can totally throw themselves in this game better. As a puzzle-solving game, it is really player-friendly. If you misclick something or choose a wrong step, you have undo button to click and then you would decide which step you are going to make again.

All in all, Aquavias: Water connect puzzle is a enjoyable yet challenging game. I would never get fed up with this game. And hopefully you guys could enjoy it a lot as well!


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Editor's Review

The gameplay isn't complicated, it just takes more time to think about. Each level is a challenging logical and intellectual game that is extremely engaging.

From a gameplay standpoint, it's just a matter of changing the direction of the pipes on the ground, connecting the pipes, and creating a path for water to flow to all the trees. When all the trees were watered, I finished the game.The hard part was that there were more colored water and more colored trees, and I had to make the right connections to complete the level.Meanwhile,If I stay too long in a level of the game and still can't find a solution, I can use the prompt feature.And I usually do that.This is very convenient and useful for me.

Then,the sound of running water in the game is also a stress reliever, which makes me relax during the game-playing.

The flaw might be that player need to be careful and patient, there are many levels after all.

All in all,as a free puzzle game, Water Connect Puzzle is worth downloading.



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