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Words With Friends 2 Word Game

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March 29, 2022
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March 29, 2022
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Description & How To Play

This is a word learning casual game designed for turn-based games.

In the game, in some cases it is worth sacrificing some points, especially when doing so will prevent your opponent from scoring much in the next round. Sometimes, the best game is not the one with the highest score. A double opener is a game that opens up two major hotspots at once, allowing your opponent to take one opportunity while allowing you to take the other. Although this is usually a net negative (because your opponent gets the first roll), it is a good option when losing, especially if you have high cards in your rack.

Players can create openings that are difficult to use for randomization and easily leave your remaining tiles empty. Use the Tile Remaining feature to check how many tiles remain can be used with your settings (for example, how many S's remain to count your words, or how many C's, P's or T's remain in front of the _RICK hook). You can play 60 on CAPSULE on row 14, or 48 on LUCKS on row 10, keeping the P hook. By looking at the tile pocket, you will notice that there is one C left to hook LUCKS on the next turn, which makes LUCKS an excellent match.

In addition, your strategy with X and Z should be to use bonus square multipliers to score 30+ points, while your strategy with S and Blank should be to use them in a 30+ point scoring contest or bingo game. If these tiles do not achieve these goals, they should usually be saved until they do.

Moreover, the move to the center ensures that you do not give your opponent significant scoring opportunities in the outer 4 columns or 4 rows of the board where they can score extremely high by scoring combinations (e.g. TL / TW combinations).


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Editor's Review


Words with Friends 2 is a free word knowledge board game, where you can unscramble letters and train your brain. Word filling is the main content of the game, so it is a great test for the accumulation of knowledge of the player. In Words with Friends 2, train your brain by unscrambling letters and indulge in plenty of classic word board games and crossword puzzles.

【How to play】

Words with Friends 2 is a classic casual game without doubt, where you and your opponent put seven tiles on each side. You have to connect your words to something that already exist on the board, earning points for each tile you play. There are bonus spaces scattered throughout the board, double and triple letter and word spaces, each of which multiplies your score in some way. You can alternate gameplay until you run out of tiles.

There are variety of modes for you to choose from, such as solo challenge and multiplayer modes to boost your word game. Also, you can beat the word blitz in the new game modes like lightning round. Words with Friends 2 is much easier to play than previous because you can easily test out potential letter combinations and have the app tell you if they create real words and if they’re the highest-scoring game words. What’s more, you don’t even need an opponent. And in solo challenge mode, you will play in a short 5 round against the game’s AI in exceedingly contests. However, in lightning round mode, your task is beating the clock, and you will play with four random teammates against another team of five, and the first team to score 1000 points wins.

In addition, the multiplayer board games showdown starts from creating a game. By challenging your friends and family who love classic crossword puzzles to keep your brain training, or use smart match to find your perfect opponent. The most important thing you need to do is unscrambling letters and search for the highest scoring words on the board and filling in the classic crossword style puzzle. And you’ll receive a reward if you complete your word goals, using rewards passes to earn keys and unlock exclusive collectibles.


The music rhythm of game is also very fit happy graphics, bring players a relaxing and joyful feeling. In other words, the audio of Words with Friends 2 is impeccable.


Words with Friends 2 perfectly continue the simple and clear graphics style of previous series, with innovative levels and thought-provoking gameplay, the overall experience is very nice.

【Game review】

Overall, this is a well-designed game, where you can expand your vocabulary and show off your spelling skills. Meanwhile, which makes you a word maniacal, allowing you to challenge various gameplay of word spelling, fight with your friends and challenge a variety of levels through a variety of scrabble gameplay. If you’re the fan of crossword puzzles, multiplayer board game and word games, Words with Friends 2 is absolutely a good choice for you. Would you like to play a game that boosts your word skills and is fun to play? Don’t miss this game out, come and join me having fun together.