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The Guides Axiom

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About this game

Size :
53.48 Mb
Updated :
March 26, 2020
Developer :
Kevin Bradford
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112.76 Mb
Updated :
August 11, 2018
Developer :
Kevin Bradford

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

The Guides Axiom is a physics puzzle game.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

Enjoy the thrill of using your intelligence to compete against the system.

This is a physics puzzle game. If you are very sensitive to numbers and English letters, it is strongly recommended to download the experience. Throughout the game, you need to deal with them, find clues scattered around numbers and letters, and rely on logical thinking to decipher them. If you know Morse code, programming, and other skills, then this game is the best choice for you.

Satisfying your desire to explore, undoubtedly looking for doubts and clues is the most addictive part of this game for some players. Sometimes a little black dot under a letter is the clue you've been looking for. The real world may be boring, but in this new game, you will find many incredible combinations of letters and numbers.

Your curiosity is needed to make achievements. The official introduction to the game is full of mystery. The slightly heavy music makes you seem to open the door of mysterious history. I even suspect that this is the game's development team telling players that this game is for a niche audience.

【Top10-Game's Review】

To be precise, this is a problem-solving game. Similar to math problems, there are a lot of passwords and codes. You need to decipher the puzzles given by the system. If you succeed, you can enter the next level, but if you still can't get it through your brains, you can choose to skip this question. There are many guides on the Internet, but I hope all players have confidence and meet the challenge. Entering the game, players can see a very simple system operation interface. There is no introduction to gameplay, so you'll need to study the game's tutorials on your own. Each level is unique, but they hint at the secret to the next level. The entire game process is a test of the player's memory, logic, imagination, and other abilities. Simply put, you need to use your limited knowledge to find clues and key points in the game interface and solve riddles. The most amazing game for genius and who wants to be genius. According to the official intro, this game is made for people who are over 3 years old. Hence, do not be scared by the description above, try to download and maybe you will love it.

This game has a simple style. Bright and cute graphics compared to most games. This game presents a dark black color. There are many uses of black, dark blue, and purple. Of course, this color matching also allows users to focus on playing games. After all, letters and numbers are really easy to be covered by colors. Although this red and purple color scheme are boring and unbearable for some players.

The sound of the game is not brisk, but rather heavy and slow-paced. Because this game is designed to exercise children's intelligence, it is necessary to create an atmosphere of concentration and composure. Sometimes, the music makes me thrilled and I am scared to play it at night. Hence, if you are a brave guy, come and kick a start.

Because the game is full of "binary", "ASCII code", "Morse code", "Roman numerals", if you don't know anything about this knowledge, please don't try this game easily. If parents want to improve their child's familiarity with numbers and letters, they can try to play this game as much as possible. This game is really cutting edge and very challenging. Fans of the movie The Da Vinci Code, this game is sure to make you addicted.

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Editor's Review

As a picky player of game style,the Guides Axiom satisfied my imagination.I really enjoy this game and it is a puzzle game that attracts me very much.

The biggest attraction of this game is that although the puzzles themselves are somewhat difficult and challenging, when I solve a puzzle that has confused me for a long time, I feel very satisfied. No other game can match that.That's what sets it apart from other games.

This is a tough game and progressing will be difficult. But I have the appropriate tools at my disposal,which would help me finish the game.

The Guides Axiom is also a best logic game. No instructions provided and just let me figure it out. Some of these were hard and took me days to solve. But I enjoyed the process indeed.

In a word, if you’re looking for a challenging puzzle game,the Guides Axiom is a good choice from my point of view.