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Talking Tom Gold Run 2

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March 25, 2022
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March 30, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One sentence Introduction】

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 is a cartoon style action runner game featuring the lovable Tom Cat. The game takes the classic gameplay of Talking Tom Gold Run and adds more fun content and items to it. Here you can unlock a variety of new scenarios, each with a never-ending runner sequel to the global hit game, Talking Tom Gold Run, Tom and friends are on a mission through time, jumping and sliding through ancient worlds of the past to chase the Rakoonz.

【Top10-Game’s Recommend】

To begin with, if you were a big fan of Talking Tom Gold Run, then this sequel is a must-see. There will be a rich variety of scenes waiting for you to play, different missions will have different experiences. Besides, there are a large number of items in the store, and different items will help you in different areas.

Next, the rich selection of items in the game will also allow you to enjoy the game. Such as the usage of items like airplanes, helmets and magnets. As a player, after picking up the prop of the airplane, you can drive it to collect gold in the air without obstacles. During the intense and exciting running process, flying an airplane is undoubtedly a rare leisure time. And after parachuting, you won’t encounter obstacles for a short time. It is worth mentioning that the plane is the same as the helmet and magnet. You can upgrade it through the strengthening road opened by the gold cabinet, and improve the duration of the road. If you want to smooth the true way and bring convenience, remember to upgrade quickly.

Of course, the rich levels will naturally have different difficulties. As a player, you will only become more powerful by completing the challenges. In addition, powerful players will be in the game rankings, and many strong players will be in the front, and you will have the motivation to move forward when you are under pressure. And different locations will have different rewards. You can challenge your own limits and strive to be faster. More importantly, you have a chance to feel the power of supersonic power-ups. So, what are you waiting for? This game is sure to fulfill more than you want.

【Top10-Game’s Review】

As a classic Tom series popular game for children, it has exquisite graphics and fresh and bright scenes, bringing you a visual enjoyment. And all you need to do is to control your character Tom Cat in the game, run in the map scene, and recapture the gold, at the same time pay attention to avoid obstacles and traps in the runway, collect gold coins, and unlock more cool and powerful props. Of course, the great thing about the game is that explore thrilling new Time Worlds. Here, you’ll explore the ancient world like never before. Blast through historically majestic temples and run with pirates in the legendary pirate land. And also you are free to choose your running route, finding cross-roads, side paths and surprises. Also you can explore the vivid world of time as you, Tom and friends embark on an epic chase to stop the Rakoonz. If you are interested, come and experience it! There are many new ways to play in this game, and special challenges and cool rewards are waiting for you. By the way, I believe that under your personal experience, the game will be upgraded to a whole new level.

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Editor's Review

The game continued the previous adorable cute painting style, and the lovely Tom cat as the leading role. Talking Tom Gold Run 2, a cartoon-style action parkour game, builds on its predecessor with more fun content and items.

First of all, Talking Tom Gold Run 2 quickly stood out from the crowd with its many different game tracks and levels. The fact that there are so many Tom Cat characters to choose from, the changing scene and the fresh content of the game kept me playing. In addition, I don’t feel lonely in this game anymore, because I have a lot of familiar characters to play with, like Tom Cat, Angela, Ginger, and Ben.

Secondly, what could be better than time travel? Talking Tom Gold Run 2 allow me to travel with all my good friends. And as a casual parkour mobile game with Tom Cat as the theme, I can control Tom Cat and other characters to run freely in the game, avoid all kinds of lovely cartoon-style obstacles and traps, collect gold to unlock all kinds of treasure chest, unlock more characters to experience the fast pace of parkour.
Last but not least, the operation of the game follows the classic design of parkour mobile games. I only need to click or slide the screen to trigger corresponding functions and control the character to move left and right or jump up and down. This not only ensures the sense of the game, but also improves the speed at which the game is picked up.

All in all, it’s pretty cool to catch the Rakoonz in the game with talking Tom and Angela. Join me now and explore thrilling new Time Worlds!