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Mario Kart Tour

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December 10, 2021
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December 16, 2021
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

This game is a very fascinating racing-themed game, in which you can precisely control animation-style vehicles at high speed to determine who is the most radiant player on the track.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

I guess no one is unaware of the term Mario, and when someone mentions this cartoon name, players will invariably think of such a well-known game series. It is precise because of the brand behind it that Mario Kart Tour can maintain a consistent game level and become a leader in racing games. If you plan to join a team, then you can enjoy a two-way entertainment experience. First, the classic Mario character image allows you to retrieve the most precious memories of your childhood. Second, this game has spent a lot of production cycle and design manpower, full of interesting gameplay and lovely graphics of high quality. All of the above are the first impressions this game brings to players. In addition to these impressive features, it also upholds a series of fine gaming traditions.

Please give me the opportunity to first praise Mario Kart Tour's creative multiplayer mode here. In today's trend of globalization, mobile games are increasingly becoming an effective tool for connecting with strangers. Through this Mario product, you can feel Nintendo's unique understanding of cooperative games. When you and your buddies are gathered in the same game, holding an imaginary steering wheel and keeping your eyes on the screen, you will have an immersive feeling. It's as if you're really in the world of Mario, as the protagonist who bounces freely and successfully interacts with familiar supporting characters. That's the genius of Nintendo's production team, who can control the scale of the multiplayer mode and manage the delicate relationship between competitiveness and cooperation. After many matches, you will eventually get your hard-earned reward, which is a promotion in the online rankings.

The second recommended reason is the game's representative collection system. There is a class of players who prefer to collect various in-game items, including equipment, potions, food, clothing, and even titles, which will satisfy their hobbies in a wonderful way. Therefore, games with elements about the collection can especially win the support of this group of players. If we analyze the mobile game Mario Kart Tour specifically, we can see that the collectible units in it are quite impressive in quantity and quality. Without opening the app, I can remember all kinds of interesting things placed in the game from memory. There are drivers, karts, badges, and more, as well as gliders.

The feature of the game that I describe in detail in the third item is the inheritance of the traditional style of the series of games. Because Mario games are a huge family, there are many derivative works in one branch alone. So various games in the same batch often have some common attributes. Take this topic Mario Kart Tour as an example, which pays tribute to the classic featured pipes. They seem to be mysterious passages leading to unknown dimensions, which can seamlessly connect different scenes, and can also transfer characters or specific in-game elements in an instant. Back in the game, whenever you find the pipes in front of you, you can be ready to welcome unexpected gifts.

【GameNomo's Review】

This is when I'm that excited, I always show great enthusiasm when reviewing games I'm passionate about. When it comes to games that I often review, I immediately become very cheerful and outgoing. The reason for this is probably the social advantage of Nintendo games. Mario Kart Tour is no exception. It can help homebody-like players like me muster up the courage to communicate with others and explore the unparalleled playability and sophistication in the Mario world.

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Editor's Review

The experience of the Mario Kart Tour is very good, the narrow track and the quick refresh of items make the process of the game exciting.

Firstly, unlike other games, its goal is not to get the first place, but to refresh the score of each level.Except ranking, the score depends on the character, the vehicle, the glider, the number of items I use, the number of drifts, and the number of coins I pick up. It's hard to get a high score in a game where it's easy to get the first place, and even to get five stars I need to play a few more times, because it's a game where I hurt each other.

In Mario Kart Tour, I unlocked a lot of characters and levels.Which are very interesting and attractive.However, one annoying point is that exceptionally irritating and appears to be rigged or easily hacked is multi-player mode.

By the way, if you want to experience a different racing game, I recommend Mario Kart Tour.