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Zombie Football!

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About this game

Size :
36.70 Mb
Updated :
May 10, 2020
Developer :
Pixel Perfect Studios
Size :
849.66 Mb
Updated :
December 28, 2020
Developer :
Pixel Perfect Studios

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Zombie Football was created by a Pixel perfect studio for nearly all ages so players can make fun of the pixel as well as football.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

A newly-published game with few reviews. The game was updated on May 10, 2020, and the current version is 2.0.1. From the point of player’s view, the game receives many optimistic comments. For example, the reviewer marked this game as an amazing idea and the team really did great work. And some players are waiting for more levels. If you are interested in experiencing the brand-new game, then start the game and join us!

Zombie Football is rated as three-plus in terms of age, so most users can game on. The game has a small size and could be downloaded without much memory occupation. Regarding the devices, players can make it happen on App Store as well as Google Play. Although there is only 500 installation, the teamwork is hard to fix no internet connection bugs and make any tweaks. The user-friendly design and brilliant idea may polish the game. Hence, we can be looking forward to their work in the future.

The entire interface design is simple and concise. Because this game was born not long ago, the main style of the interface is the less, the better.

When encountering pixel-style games, the word "retro" often pops up in many people's minds. The game icon is green, and the areas where the player is active are green and brown. There are also purple, blue, and brown NPCs on the football field. However, the colors of each module are very harmonious, and players can distinguish their team members at a glance. The animations of the game are very retro, making players seem to return to their childhood. The movement of the characters is very slow and has a cute and dumb style. If you feel like interacting with the new environment, please do not miss the game. Pixel graphics can always help players convey more information with the least information, concise and clear. Although the game screen is not as beautiful and detailed as the 3D graphics and animation games, it has some unique visual charm. Players with a lot of fragmented time can play games anytime and anywhere.

Players need to jump over zombies, then eat delicious power-ups, and increase their speed to win! Be careful to deal with the heavy siege of zombies, once you are besieged, it will be difficult for you to pass the level. In this game, your leadership is also required, because the last player alive needs to lead your team against hordes of zombie opponents and then win. Use your wits and reflexes to navigate dangerous turf full of obstacles, brain-hungry zombies, and slippery mud puddles. In addition to the single-player mode, you can also invite your friends to compete to see who has the highest score and the fastest runner. To be precise, the game has 3 zombies, 6 unique props, and 4 environment tiles. There are also different cosmetics and newly published levels waiting for your unlock.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

It is a good game for people to spend their leisure time. Besides, no worries about the internet connections since the game could be played offline. I hope you guys can enjoy the pixel style and have fun fighting zombies. And you can show off your achievements to friends all over the world.

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Editor's Review

Last time I played tower defense game was PVZ. As a tower defense versus game, I found a familiar feeling in Zombie Football. However, the difference between two games are obvious.

Firstly, the game with 2D Retro style brought me a sense of retro and nostalgic, it has a different feeling from reality. The graphics is not so clear, but give me more space for imagination. Thus, played this game has become a kind of passion.

Next, in terms of the game itself, different difficulty levels are challenging. How to take a free adventure in a dangerous arena, and avoid obstacles and zombies quickly, which is a great test for our player’s skill and reaction ability.

In addition, the thrill of the game is being the last player alive, it’s up to me to carry my team to glory against hordes of zombified rivals.

On the whole, the game is addictive, and from narrowly defeating hordes of zombies to scoring the final touchdown, Zombie Football always keep me excited and never boring.