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The Office: Somehow We Manage

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April 21, 2022
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April 23, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One sentence Introduction】

The Office: Somehow We Manage is an idle game with a plot, and which is developed by East Side Games Studio. This adaptation of the American comedy The Office is currently loved by many fans as they can relive their favorite episodes in this free game.


【Top10-Game’s Recommend】

First of all, if you are a loyal fan of the comedy the office, then this game will not disappoint you, because it not only reproduces the classic plot in the episodes, but also uses the form of a documentary to describe the daily life of company employees, which will give you a strong sense of substitution. As a manager Michael needs to work hard to improve the company’s performance to avoid layoffs, and the company’s employees are keener to play pranks and complain, so you need to use your own wisdom to deal with this situation.


Secondly, one thing you need to know is that you are the real boss in the current company, so you can pick roles according to your preferences. To be precise, you can create multiple jobs in the office according to the development of the company, hiring your favorite characters from the comedy, building and upgrading facilities such as desks for them, and constantly improving the work efficiency to earn more in-game cash.


Thirdly, the gameplay of The Office: Some How We Manage is quite simple. The main purpose is to upgrade the employee’s desks to improve their work efficiency. After obtaining coins, using the earned money to continue to upgrade more advanced employees, and each time the employees are upgraded, the rewards and work income will be increased.


At last, the game also retains the original flavor in the design of the characters, and the overall graphics is simple, which can not only give players a sense of substitution, but also make it easier to attract new players and make them have a strong interest. In addition, if you are careful enough, you will find that the game will also add some plot segments around the props, so that you can experience some hidden plots from time to time.


【Top10-Game’s Review】

On any level, The Office: Somehow We Manage is an excellent simulation game. There are many funny plots in the game as well as many activities to participate in. Among them, the most worth mentioning is that the game’s setting of the plot dialogue is more brilliant. In addition to the different characters’ words and deeds, which continue the characteristics of the comedy, and the in-game characters will often say things that poke fun at the game’s setting, making the player out of the play. As far as I’m concerned, this plot-driven game that keeps unlocking new quests to earn revenue makes a lot of sense. Besides, the appeal of the game is that it gives the player a nostalgic experience. Each new part of the game is a complete plot, and as each episode progresses, players will also get enough coffee and cards to level up, enjoying hours of continuous entertainment that no other game has. Of course, any level you build will stay with you as you progress through the game, and you’ll have the chance to earn more in-game cash while you play. I highly recommend this game, and if you are a loyal fan of the comedy The Office or you are obsessed with simulation games, then don’t miss this game out easily.


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Editor's Review

The Office: Somehow We Manage, a classical simulation game based on the theme of office creation. Players can get money and improve the quantity and quality of office equipment by reasonably managing their office in the game. And reasonable arrangement of work will also allow players to obtain more benefits. At the same time, I believe that this humorous style of graphics will certainly bring you more joy and fun.


First of all, the game is really fun because each level is based on actual episodes of The Office. The game follows the characters and settings of the American TV series, and the story takes place in Dunder Mifflin. The main gameplay of The Office: Somehow We Manage is story-driven to unlock new quests and earn money. And each time you complete a storyline, the plot will pop up, and then unlock new stories. The content of the story is presented in the form of dialogue, which is very interesting.


Next, from the graphics of the game, the classic character modeling, vivid facial expressions and realistic office scenes restore the real scenes in American TV series for you, which making your gaming experience more immersive.


Finally, the outstanding feature of the game is that it introduces classic plots and dialogues from American TV series. Now you can hire your favorite characters from TV series to build and upgrade desks and other facilities for them, improve work efficiency, and increase your gold coin income.


On the whole, judging from the actual experience, this is a well-designed game with standardized simulation gameplay, and with the American comedy The Office as the background and some props that can enhance the character’s abilities, which making this seemingly simple game more attractive and charming.