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Bomb Chicken

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April 1, 2020
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February 27, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

A casual game that young children can also participate in, players favor NitromeAction type game can have Bomb Chicken in your daily entertainment.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

Some basic information are provided to guide new-comers. First of all, the game does not offer free-entry and players need to spend around 8.98 dollars to purchase the game and get started. Then there are few comments left by previous players and only around 1000 installation made. Players can view some tutorial videos on different platforms before the official order and payment. Bomb Chicken can be accessible on both google play and App store.

The background setting of the game is very interesting. At the beginning, a chick threw a pile of garbage, an egg was thrown into the hands of the stone statue, and the chick was quickly hatched after the mysterious blue liquid. And then experienced an explosion accident and turned into a bomb chicken with super powers, which is also the source of the game's name. This chicken has the ability to detonate bombs. It can blow up obstacles with bombs in its hand, build ladders with bombs to pave the way, and use bombs to blow up roads and eat blue energy balls. Throughout the game, you need to avoid sharp obstacles, swarms of bat pigs and other wild animals, and also prevent yourself from being accidentally injured by bombs.

The music at the beginning of the game has a strong sense of story, which is fascinating and arouses players' desire to explore. After the chick is born, there will be a cooing sound, and then there will be a unique sound effect when the bomb explodes. When swallowing the energy ball, there is also a squeaking sound, which is very lively and interesting. The background music features of the game are rhythmic, but not too loud. As the game progresses, the background music will also be slightly different, and the sound effects are superb.

The game as a whole presents a pixelated style. The protagonist is a chubby chicken with a plump white body and a small head, but sometimes his head will sway from left to right, which is very cute. The pig-headed bat, the radish man, and the intricate wall and pipe layout all add to the fun of the game and enrich the player's visual experience. Then there is the dark purple wall, with a sense of mystery, arousing the player's desire to explore. The blue energy ball is very prominent against the dark purple background, which is convenient for players to locate the energy ball and accurately detonate the bomb. The purple bat pigs are just as fun to fly around as Pigman.

There are some points that people are complaining about. The entire game relies only on one-finger operation, and sometimes one finger operation is inappropriate and will lose health. And sometimes rolling bombs can easily hurt themselves, and players can only take a few steps back for fear of such a situation. There is also a forward direction, and there is no upward direction, which makes the player feel the narrowness of the space.

【Top10-Game's Review】

For pixel lovers, Bomb Chicken is just great. The visual and audio effect are worthy of money and people of all ages will fall in love with the game. This game also has a retro trendy feel, which can be regarded as the best choice for recalling childhood. In particular, setting things on fire and watching them burn is especially stress-relieving in the game. Let’s see how many hours you will spend in the game.


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Editor's Review

This game proved to us that an affordable game can be fun too, combining puzzle with action. Simple design doesn’t mean basic or easy game. The game was a good challenge and was fun throughout.

First of all, the game is simple and easy to master. No buttons, just drag or tap, which is also very friendly for beginners. The only action I have at my disposal is laying a bomb. Of course, I can blow thing up but I can also gain height or use bombs to protect myself.  

Next, this is a very good decompression game from my point of view. There are very cute chicks, and I keep tapping on the chicken will make the chicken stack higher and higher, and finally the bomb detonated. When the bomb goes off, it’s very disarming with the sound effects. In addition, Bombs in the game can trigger mechanisms to discover hidden checkpoints, blast through walls to find the way through, and I can take out staff and deadly native wildlife by kicking bombs.

Last but not least, as a very fun action adventure game, Bomb Chicken adopts the classic pixel style to create a retro horizontal adventure arcade game graphics, bringing me a nostalgic game experience, rich and diverse gameplay content, and the whole game process is full of fun. Simple but interesting, and visual experience more clear.

All in all, the content of the game is perfect for the stressed-out player, there are plenty of levels to play, and various puzzles to test your actions.

Are you ready? Join me now and have fun together!