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January 17, 2022
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January 18, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Egg, Inc. is a very cute hatching game. It is currently available for download for both ios and android devices.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

You can participate in the whole process from hatching chicks to building the richest farm. Now everyone almost lives in the city and rarely has the opportunity to have contact with animals, especially domestic animals such as chickens. Although the monetary cost of raising chickens is rather low, raising chickens has high requirements on the environment and manpower. If you miss the old days of raising chickens in the countryside, you must try this game. When you complete the whole process, you will feel very accomplished.

A relaxing little game to help you escape stressful city life temporarily. The game is easy to play, so it doesn't require much brainpower. Chicks and farms can grab your attention and improve your inability to focus on any one thing due to anxiety. And the process of raising chickens for money is time-consuming and can exercise your patience.

From hatching chicks to uncovering the secrets of the universe, you can feel a strong sense of contrast. The whole game process is very suitable for small children since they are always full of curiosity about animals and the universe.

【Top10-Game's Review】

The threshold of the game is not high, and everyone can complete it through simple clicks and other operations. The whole game process is also very simple and clear, players can quickly grasp the game process and sum up experience methods. The first step is to hatch chicks, then players need to buy housing for various types of chickens, then transport the eggs utilizing transport and sell them. Players will then need to store money in granaries and put money into research to further improve the farm.

The key to the game is a red button that players can tap to produce chicks. Chickens can be sold, and players need to use the money for laboratory research that will upgrade the value of eggs, production speed, and the size of the delivery fleet. Almost every element can be upgraded. For example, eggs can be genetically modified, chicken coops can be widened, and fleets can be expanded. I love the game mechanics. It is very interesting to see the notice which reads: "Chickens exposed to certain cosmic rays exhibit unusual yet beneficial mutations in university experiment” There are many opportunities for players to earn or leverage their earnings". For example, watching advertisements pushed by the system, using drones to obtain golden eggs, obtaining soul eggs through prestige, etc. Of course, players can also purchase auxiliary tools such as props in the game by recharging. Don't worry about spending a lot of money, you can easily get system rewards!.

The graphics of the entire game tend to be simple. You can see green grass, brown houses, and white chickens. Color matching won't make you feel dazzled. Seeing such a picture, the troubles in my heart are a lot less. Let you return to the peaceful country life, focus on the game's protagonist - the chicken, and a strong sense of purpose - building the richest farm.

There are some disadvantages. The gameplay is so simple that many players may lose interest in the long run. But for people with an intensive phobia, this game is not a good choice. Because when the flocks of chickens come out, you might feel dizzy and nauseous. This game is made for people over 3 years old so I suggest that parents can have fun with their kids. The adults can also relax with this cute and educational game. Hence, boys and girls, take action, please!

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Editor's Review

It sounds really fun that I’m able to be a big chicken owner in the game.And the game-play is relatively simple.

As a ‘SIM’ game,the Cartoon style design is very attractive. In Egg,Inc,I will own an egg production company,and what I need to do is keep producing eggs, keep expanding my company to buy more chickens.Meanwhile,as a magical egg business casual mobile game, how to earn more eggs in the game, this is the problem we players need to think about.Thus,this game mode is full of challenges and pleasure.At the same time, the game’s highlight is it doesn’t need any traffic consumption, and I can turn on the phone anytime,anywhere to play.

In addition,there's not really any grind in the game, making it fun all the time.And this is the biggest difference from other types of games.

Overall, as a game to pass the time,I haven’t found some shortcomings so far.