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January 27, 2022
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January 20, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Do you like scary games? Are you a team player? Do you like Goth? Does the intense, exciting gaming experience interest you? I ask because I highly recommend the game I'm about to introduce. I've played this game for five years, and it's fantastic. The game is called Identity V, a role-playing game developed by NetEase Games.

Identity V is the name of the fifth personality international clothing, and you are free to choose a role to play. You can experience a rich plot and various bizarre events in this lost manor. Instead of the usual 1v1,3v3,5V5 level playing field, the game is asymmetrical. What are you waiting for? Download and try it!

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1.Set in 20th century Europe, the game features a young artist and his wife buying a sprawling estate in a remote mountain area for a fraction of the price. The manor had a bad reputation because of the ominous rumors of its past owners. But the couple turned a deaf ear to superstition and gossip. The couple's children play a central role in the game. Twenty-four years ago, the main character turned 12, but on this day, his parents were brutally murdered by gangsters. The main character was so shocked that he became absent-minded and withdrawn. Under the deception of others, the manor is sold, and the protagonist is committed to a mental hospital. The estate changed hands several times, but its notoriety persisted, and it soon fell into disuse.

2.Thirteen years ago, Orpheus, a new crime-mystery novelist, began to make his mark in the literary world. In the same year, the estate was bought by a young man and was restored to life with a large sum of money, but there were still many places left unused, such as the forest, hunting ground, church, and other areas. Just when everyone thought the estate would get better under the young man's thumb, a curious thing happened. The staffing gap here was perceived as unfilled, and recruitment never stopped. Many missing person cases in society end up pointing to this place. But several police investigations have turned up nothing.

3.In the game, players will also step into the mysterious manor, playing the role of both the survivor and the regulator camp, through 1v4 asymmetric confrontation, to play a game of survival stimulation. Meanwhile, the game will create a "Tim Burton"-style painting style. Map scenes can be seen everywhere. The Gothic architecture characters are also very eye-catching; patches, buttons and other exaggerated elements complement each other. 1V4 mystery game, seen with your own eyes, not real. Are You Ready? In the Strange Manor, play the survivor or the supervisor in a different competition. I will give you a quick rundown on Detective's categories of characters in the game.

4.After receiving a mysterious commission letter, players will play Detective Orpheus into the infamous Hacienda to investigate a missing case. The player playing Orpheus will use the deductive method to review the case during the evidence investigation. Players can play the regulator or survivor in the case review, a fierce confrontation. And during the inquiry, infinitely close to the truth, but found more and more incredible truth. In addition to the base character, the remaining survivor characters need to be unlocked with a clue exchange or a paid purchase. Entering the game when the player can choose to play until the end of a game round can change the role. At the start of each round, four survivors and one supervisor will be born randomly on the scene. There are a total of seven machines in the scenario, and the player must crack five of them before the switch can be turned on, and at least three survivors can escape winning.

5.Do not forget to check and change your talent; talent can be seen as a character's passive characteristics and can enhance the character's ability. Players can set their character talents in the context of a deduction diary or in preparation for the game. Talent is not fixed; players can choose a different set of different talents. The survivor and the overseer have other talent systems. There are four trees for every type of talent, and there are four trees for survival: calm, persistent, kind, and brave.

6.Regulator talent is divided into strong, alert, deterrent, cunning four talent trees. You gain one talent point for each level of the player's identity; for every five talent points you accumulate; you gain one talent point. At the end of each talent, the tree is the ultimate talent. The current version has 120-character levels, with a maximum of two final talents per talent page.

【Top10-Game's Review】

1.Before opening the door to escape, the survival of the most important thing is the "code-breaking.". Of course, this process is not as simple as clicking a button. On the one hand, after players find the cypher machine through the blinking effect of the antenna, they need to pay attention to the calibration operation in the decoding process. They must seize the opportunity; pressing the button when the calibration pointer reaches the specified position increases the decryption rate.

2.Otherwise, failure will interrupt the decryption, slow down the decryption rate, and expose the location to the supervisor. On the other hand, codebreaking is a "team effort," with a machine that can support up to four survivors while there are no other buildings nearby; as the numbers rise, the overall decryption speed will also increase. When the cypher is finally decoded, a light will be lit under the antenna to indicate success.

3.All in all, this is a perfect and excellent game. Absurd Gothic painting style, suspense brain-burning plot, exciting 1V4"Cat and mouse chase game" confrontation will bring players a new game experience.

4.Each player can choose a different character to enter the challenge; other characters have different skills; search various props and weapons in the vast map to enhance power. Survivors need an excellent mix of careers to stand a chance against solid regulators and a chance to work together to escape. Different roles have different ways of playing, and mastering each profession is something you need to do with your heart.

5.From the Detective's point of Identity V, from the simple start, to restore an outstanding game against game, asymmetric, confrontation, cooperation, Chase? No word sums up the essence of a match, only experience it. You never know what you'll be up against, what chemistry you'll be able to create with your teammates!

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Editor's Review

Identity V is a particularly compelling game.For example, the 1V4 play is tense and exciting, which made a deep impression on me.If you're a regulator,You can take four survivors out of the game on your own.On the contrary,if you're a survivor,You can save yourself by dealing with the regulators and getting your fellow citizens out.In a word ,this 1V4 cat-and-mouse interaction is far more exciting than a competitive game and it's doubly fun for both players.  

After several character updates, many new players were added. In my opinion, this game has been played as a social game of love, and the CP relationship between the game characters is gradually ferment, including Jack Gardener (Jack and the gardener) CP, Jack Doctor (Jack and the doctor) CP, etc, which let people be deeply fascinated by it.

In addition, the game of Identity V is very playable, but the balance is not enough, there are often confrontations between people of different levels, for example (level 20 vs level 60), no matter which side they are on, the level gap is serious, which will affect the fairness of the game. Also, supervisors have too few skills. Only listening and aberration are commonly used, and the rest are of little use.

All in all, the game was pretty fun , and absurd Gothic painting style, I believe will bring you a new game experience.