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About this game

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78.64 Mb
Updated :
May 5, 2022
Developer :
Noodlecake Studios
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May 7, 2022
Developer :
Noodlecake Studios

Description & How To Play

【One sentence Introduction】

Knotwords is a word game similar to Sudoku, but also a logic-based puzzle game, and which is developed by Noodlecake. Besides, the game is also currently popular among word and logic puzzle enthusiasts.

【Top10-Game’s Recommend】

Firstly, the puzzles in the game are very cool. Unlike the crossword puzzles you’ve seen before, you’re challenged to use the letters in a designated area to form valid words vertically or horizontally in Knotwords. It is worth mentioning that each puzzle may seem difficult at first, but it gets easier as you progress. And every step in the game will help you find solutions naturally, so you don’t have to worry too much about that.


Secondly, mastering certain strategies and techniques will make your game progress more smoothly. That means when you start the game, you can use the clues given in the game as a reference, one is the length of the various words in the grid, and the other is some of the letters in the word.


And in some classic crossword puzzles, you can enter your guess anywhere on the blank grid, and adjust or replace the letters at any time to suit the logic of the game. However, in Knotwords, your actions are limited to regions, which means within an area, you can move freely, but you cannot wander outside. The more areas you complete, the narrower your guess will be.


Besides, use the hints given in the game wisely is also important. For ordinary players, it is not an easy thing to achieve a winning streak in this game. The game’s mode ensures that the grid gets bigger and the words in each new game get more complex. If you play Knotwords every day, it gets harder gradually. Therefore, it is inevitable that you will need a little more information than the letter groups in the various areas provide. So one thing you don’t have to worry about is that even if you have the most difficult puzzle in Knotwords, you can use hints to help you out of your current predicament.


Last but not least, what makes the game interesting is not just how you solve it, but the words you use. Puzzles use the same words over and over, and bigger puzzles will use the same word twice, but one is plural. In other words, Knotwords is easy to play as long as you manage to master the logic you want to satisfy in the game.


【Top10-Game’s Review】

To tell the truth, as long as you master the logic hidden in the game, then it is not difficult to play. A good variety of games with a gentle difficulty curve, which gets the brain working and great for players of any age. Of course, the game is fantastic and the concept is very addicting from my point of view. I love the fact that I can test a few free puzzles out to see how I like the game at first before purchasing the full game. At the same time, it’s worth reminding you that while I said that using hints in your game can help you get more done with less, it’s important to remember that there is a price to pay for using these hints. Your score on Knotwords is measured in terms of how long it takes to solve a puzzle, so each time you use a hint, your total game time increases by 3 minutes, which is detrimental to your overall game progress, so it’s recommended not to use the hint option unless absolutely necessary.

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Editor's Review

Knotwords is a logic puzzle with words, developed by Noodlecake. If you are a huge lover of logic based puzzle games, then Knotwords is definitely a game that will drive you crazy and addictive. As for why it is so attractive, I summarize the following two reasons.


On the one hand, in terms of appearance and type of game, it is somewhat similar to crossword puzzles, but it is not a direct list of hints, such as the word definitions you usually get in crossword puzzles. However, in Knotwords you get hints from preset letter groups that mark different areas, and you need to challenge the use of these letters in their designated areas to form valid words vertically or horizontally.


On the other hand, what you need to know is that in Knotwords, the board is divided into sections and it tells you exactly which letters must fit into each area. Your goal is to fit all the letters in as needed, while still spelling the word up and down correctly. It’s worth mentioning that you can move freely within an area of Knotwords, and the more areas you complete, the narrower your guess becomes.


From what has been discussed above, this is a challenging logic puzzle well worth a try. Among the game, the “Correct” mode allows you to spend enough time in the game. But if you choose a wrong word, it will tell you that it is a good balance between your time and difficulties. Of course, that’s one of the reasons I love this game so much. While there are a few other minor issues, it’s still an excellent game, and once you complete a puzzle, you’ll also get great rewards. If you’re interested, download and experience it now!


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