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Ultimate Custom Night

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May 16, 2020
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May 17, 2020
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Description & How To Play

Scott Cawthon, the independent developer of the " Five Nights at Teddy's" series, has brought a new title, "Ultimate Custom Night" which was released on Steam for free. And the 50 ghostly toy characters that have appeared in the past will all appear at the same time ready to scare you.

This game is called "FNAF series collection". The gameplay is basically the same, you will be trapped in a small office where you can only watch the monitor and close the door. But the difference here is that you can customize the 50 ghost toys to join the game, and adjust their level (0-20). In addition to monitoring monitors, you must also be familiar with other tools to complete the ultimate challenge, such as heaters, AC power, ball music boxes, and generators. In addition, you will have to set up laser traps in the vent and collect Faz coins to buy props. The biggest difference between this work and the previous series is that players can set their own personal attack, attack type and AI level beforehand to see if they want to set a combination that can be simply raided, or to have confidence in their own strength and challenge the limits of their own security and defense capabilities. So it's not too much to say that it's the ultimate version of the "Custom Night" customization mode that was installed in the past.

As soon as you enter the game, the player will find that the word "Oxygen" appears at the bottom of the Power. In fact, the concentration of oxygen will only affect your vision. The lower the concentration of oxygen, the darker your screen will be, and to the end almost anything is invisible. However, this point in this game means nothing, because it does not reach under 50%.

There are three toys in the level: Ballora, Minireena and Minireena 2. Ballora will only attack from the left and right sides, and when it closes to your door, it will make loud sounds. So when you hear the Ballora music, do not rush to close the door, which will waste a lot of electricity. Because the sound of this music is very unstable, sometimes big, and other times small, so you need experience to build a good foundation.

The following is Minireena, they will appear in CAM06, and will only reduce your oxygen concentration (no threat at all in the first level). When your oxygen concentration is reduced, the exclamation point will appear next to Oxygen. And then you just need to give them a click in CAM06 on OK (press E), the whole process with less than 1s to complete.

The next one is Minireena 2, this toy will randomly appear when you put down the Ipad, there will be up to 5 of them. But they will be at most a sound interference factor, also do not constitute a threat.

Here is a little tip. Ballora will leave you only under these two situations. The first is the sound directly disappears in the direction that she comes. The second is that you suddenly feel the music coming the opposite way of the direction she comes. Only under these two situations you can open the door.

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Editor's Review

As a free horror adventure game, it can be considered the perfect mashup of Five Nights at Freddy’s, the game contains all the preceding series of game content, except Freddy’s Pizzeria Simulator.

Firstly, the game is not that scary and really fun. I’ m totally free in Ultimate Custom Night because I can set the scene and the number of animatronics depending on my abilities and preferences, or I can choose to challenge the level. There are 50 animatronic characters I can choose and the options for customization are nearly endless. Also, the classic music and dark environment always bring me a unique gaming experience.

Next, the gameplay of Ultimate Custom Night are easy to understand. I need to play the role of a night security guard against the animatronics through reasonable manipulation. Since the closed-circuit television and a full office function remote terminal, I can survive until 6:00 by shutting the door or using a Freddy mask. And I can also score high points by fending off more animatronics.

In a word, Ultimate Custom Night is an overall amazing game, welcome to download and play it.