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January 12, 2022
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October 21, 2021
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Unblock Me Premiumi is an addictive and fun puzzle game developed and published by Kiragames Co., Ltd. It is available for Android users.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. Unblock Me Premium has plenty of difficulties available for you guys to choose, ranging from simple to expert, so you can totally go for the appropriate difficulty according to your ability, and you can challenge yourself little by little and also relax yourself well.

2. Apart from that, this game can help players think, and help them be more concentrated when studying and working, because you will be fully involved in the process of thinking and analyzing, and your attention span will increase gradually.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Unblock Me Premium is a suitable game for all age groups and it is really playable! I would highly recommend it to you guys.

First of all, the visual style of Unblock Me Premium is very delicate and stunning. The designer tried hard to apply minimalism to this game, and the sound effect of this game is also very simple and clean, so it won't use very restless and noisy music which has some strong beats like other games. I think this is also because the designer has considered the nature and essence of Unblock Me Premium, which is, a maze game, so the designer has spent a lot of energy in style to ensure that players can get a relaxing and immersive game experience. Secondly, the gameplay of this game is very friendly to new players, and it doesn't require too many skills or techniques. When you start this game, you will see that there are many squares irregularly arranged in a maze, among which there is a red square, and there is an exit on one side of the maze.

The goal of Unblock Me Premium is to lead the red squares to the outlet by sliding other blocked squares with the least steps to unlock them. There are more than 10,000 puzzles in the game, and there are four levels of difficulty from simple to expert. Usually most of the players would go for normal because it is less stressful but also a bit challenging. At the same time, there are two modes in the game, one is leisure and the other is challenge. The leisure mode is relatively easy and simple, and the challenge mode tests your logical thinking a lot. I'm sure you can find the fun of thinking in the process of solving puzzles. What’s more, you can play this game with your good friends or different people from all over the world. You guys can compete in the game and compare the scores. The most satisfying thing for me is that this game can be played as usual when there is no internet connection, so it will definitely be a good helper for you to pass the time on the plane or long-distance travel. And when you have a network connection, your game progress will return to the place where you played last time. Don't be discouraged or frustrated when you encounter puzzles that you have trouble figuring out the solution. This game will give players a certain number of tips and hints every day. If you think the number of tips provided is not enough, you can buy them in this game when you need more tips. All functions of this game are free except the purchase prompt, and you can hardly see the pop-up advertisement when playing the game, so your thoughts will never be interrupted during the game. I hope you guys can download this game and have fun in it.

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Editor's Review

Unblock Me Premium as an ad-free game, it’s a blessing for our players.There are three game modes to choose from: Relax Mode, Challenge Mode and Daily Puzzle Mode.Also, the experience of each mode is different.For example, I’m fond of the Relax Mode, just sit back, relax and no pressure,I can enjoy the game anytime or anywhere.

I have to mention a most important thing, the game has a wide variety of puzzles with over 4,000 types.These puzzles are carefully designed, difficult and very mental.

In addition, the interface is very simple, but it takes time and effort to solve the puzzle.In short, the longer I play it, the more addictive I get. Once I have spent a long time trying to solve a puzzle, and I made it. The joy of success is beyond description, which is the charm of Unblock Me Premium .

If there's one downside, it's the difficulty level.It is a little difficult for me.

In brief, if you want to challenge your brain, this is a great game to play.