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September 22, 2021
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October 1, 2021
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Relumine is an fun and engaging mobile puzzle video game designed by Zi Li and launched out in the year of 2021.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. The essence of Relumine is maze, playing which can exercise the player's logical thinking a lot.

2. The game design is very friendly to players of all age groups. The design of the game allows everyone to easily start, enjoy and complete each level of it.

3. In addition, this game can let almost all players get an immersive game experience, so as to release your pressure pretty much.

【Top10-Game's Review】

In this game, the player plays the role of a girl named Relu who is in the process of finding out a secret in a cave. First of all, I would like to speak highly of the image quality of the game. Because it is very clear and clean. Actually the image quality was far from as exquisite as it is now in the initial production stage of the game, so the developer team has been constantly fixing and improving. Secondly, the character's design is also very delicate and cute. The little girl in the game is wearing a beautiful skirt and has a lovely smile. You will immediately like this character. In addition to this main character, you can also choose other characters you prefer. Each character looks cute and makes people smile. You can explore them anytime you want.

Generally speaking, as far as the art style is concerned, the visuals of the game is simple and beautiful. The design of the game environment is also quite in line with the nature of the game. In the cave, all the picture colors are very dim, and the color of the every scene is less colorful compared to other similar games. So players can experience the game immersively without being disturbed by the color too much. It is said that this is because the designer of the game was inspired by minimalist design and palaces and temples around the world. Many scenes in the game, for example, the monument image is hand drawn by some famous painters and then applied to the game, so it is safe to say that this game is unique. Apart from that, the sound effect of this game is also very attractive. Your control of little girls, such as jumping and platform lifting, will produce different sound effects, resulting in a wonderful and beautiful music. So I suggest you use headphones when playing games.

The best part of this game is its highly responsive operation, which makes this game not too difficult. In the game, you need to click or slide the screen to control the direction of the little girl's walking and hopping. Therefore, this game is easy to almost all players. Rotating and dragging can change the environment of the character to help the character explore the world. Players can also follow the guide in the map, so new players will not feel confused when they first enter the game. And the experience of the game is greatly improved after each update.

Moreover, the design of some platforms in Relumine is also very friendly and comfortable to players. Because you have to ensure that the little girl can safely jump from one platform to another, so you have to measure the distance between the platform and you. Therefore, although the color used in the environment is monotonous, the color of the platform is very eye-catching to ensure that players can pass smoothly.

In a word, this game has many adventure modes, and the plot is also very attractive. You can have a more exciting experience by completing more challenges. Go to join it and enjoy the game.

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Editor's Review

This is a puzzle adventure game that combines space and thinking imagination. It can be said that it is very brain-burning to play. The black and white style of graphics is unique and individual, and it gives me a very fantastic feeling.

First of all, the storyline in the game is rich, the graphics are exquisite, and with a lot of gameplay and some hidden plots, I was quickly immersed in it. By using both hands in the game to rotate the trigger mechanism to adventure, help girls find her lost father. Each level of the design of the gameplay mechanism is very challenging, the brain exercise at the same time, but also improve my wisdom. In addition, I can also unlock many hidden missions and get powerful items to help me get through the game quickly.

Then, the difficulty of the game is moderate. The whole process is presented in the form of levels, from easy to difficult. The difficulty mainly lies in rotation and pause, and the fragments can be obtained by constantly adjusting the position. There was no tedious dialogue and guidance, which allowed me to fully engage in the game.

On the whole, the game are designed to be easy for everyone to pick up, enjoy, and finish. And the relaxed gameplay and unstressful challenging process will put you in a better mood. So, what are you waiting for? Try this puzzle adventure game right now, and relax your mind and body.