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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Are you good at board games? Are you good at complex brain games? If you're a match for both, you can't miss the game I'm about to show you. This is a board game called Catan Universe, developed by USM.

Catan universe play is very strategic, using the classic game of chess to build, the content is more retro, and before the game board, like, here is the mental competition, let's see if you can get a head start.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1.First of all, I'd like to introduce you to the rules of the game. Please read them carefully. Choose a player the instructions suggest starting with the oldest player. First, select a hexagon vertex on the map and place a Settlement. Then choose one of the three edges around the vertex, pave a Road, and repeat until the last player is done, then repeat the second time in the reverse order from him until you get back to the first player; there should be two settlements and two roads for every player on the map.

2.At least two roads must separate each payment from the other. Settlement selection technique: the terrain plate around the settlement represents the available resources, while the number above represents the required cast chromatic number to obtain the resources. According to the permutations, for the two six-sided dice, the numbers 6 and 8 are the two numbers with the highest probability, 2 and 12 have the lowest chance in 7 has the highest probability. If the dice result is 7, no one will get resources from the surrounding land, so to increase your chances of gaining access to resources, choose numbers as close to 6 or 8 as possible. And for the choice of that kind of resources, we should consider the construction cost card to suggest the necessary resources for a variety of buildings choose their development direction. The winning condition is a total of 10 points.

3.Suitable for the novice player to play the game, it will be as far as possible. All kinds of resources are evenly distributed so that each player has primary equal initial conditions. For players familiar with the game's rules, you can use a random layout instead of a standard layout. First, take out the hills, pastures, mountains, wilderness, forest, and desert, six categories of 19 plates mixed. First, in the middle of the table randomly arranged five pieces of the game board, and then respectively in this row on the upper and lower sides of the code put four parts of the game board, and then on both sides of the code put three pieces of the game board.

4.So the 19 plates are placed in the center of the table, followed by the harbor and the ocean. And then wash the harbor plate at random, and then put it and the ocean plate on one side, take a piece of the ocean plate. Please put it on the edge of the original container, and then take a portion of the harbor plate and put it on edge; again, repeat this step until you have a full circle of yards.

5.Game Plate, after all the code and the number indicator random code on the resources plate-like hills, pastures, mountains, wilderness, and forest. At this point, the entire game layout is complete. These numeric indicators represent the chromatic number at which the resource is acquired. Place the thief counter on the dessert plate on the map. Placing all resource cards side-up, classifying codes, washing all development cards well, identifying them back-up, and setting aside unique cards constitute a public bank from which to draw when needed. The cards that players discard or pay for go back to the bank.

【Top10-Game's Review】

In general, you can play three different theme sets with friends, other fan friends, or different AI opponents and immerse yourself in the bustling life of Catan. To make things even more exciting, unlock the complete basic game, extend city and knight, seamen, and include a unique set of scenes from "enchanted lands" and "the Grand Canal.". Defend yourself from the Barbarians, reach the new shores, defeat the fearsome dragons and challenge the mighty AI enemies.

Basic board game in multiplayer mode! Join your two friends, up to three players, and face all the challenges of "arriving in The Settlers of Catan". Boardgame classics and Yaniv Katan card games bring an actual desktop to feel to your screen with the Settlers of Catan universe playing on the device of your choice: you can use your login on the desktop and mobile platform. Become part of the world's great Kattan community and compete with players from all over the world.

Use one account on all devices and design your avatar. Chat with other players and guilds. Play gets many achievements and unlocks rewards. Get additional extensions and play modes for in-game purchases. Access with a comprehensive tutorial is straightforward to get started with, trade-build-solve-Yaniv Katan becomes Lord.

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Editor's Review

As a classical original board game and card game,the experience is very nice.It makes sense that the game offers optional difficulty.After playing it for a while, I found it very addictive.Also, what attracts me most about the game is its 3D drawing style and simple operation.

Most important thing,I enjoy the the strategy of this game.Each game is different and it's a pleasure to keep moving up through the levels.

In addition, Catan Universe provides endless hours of fun and entertainment which makes the process of the game less boring.

There is no doubt that Catan Universe is a great game, but the dice in this game are absolutely absurd. Most games feature about three numbers rolling several times in a row. It's not even close to true random.