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Crash of Cars

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About this game

Size :
67.11 Mb
Updated :
December 17, 2021
Developer :
Not Doppler
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241.88 Mb
Updated :
December 21, 2021
Developer :
Not Doppler

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Crash of cars is a mobile racing game with unique cartoon art style. It was first launched out by not Doppler in the year of 2017 and gained a lot of popularity around the world since its release.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. Crash of Cars has multi player online mode, so you can play with many players from different regions or countries and bond up your friendship. You can also enjoy this game with your friends while chilling.

2. This kind of crashing game comes as a stress killer. When you are tired of heavy workload or want to get a break from your study, this game can help you get a lot of fun and it is the best game to kill time with.

【Top10-Game's Review】

The cartoon design of Crash of Cars is very animated and adorable, which can let all the players enjoy a good enough visual graphic design when having fun in the game. This game also supplies players with multiple maps to choose from, so you will never get bored by choosing various maps to compete with other players. Moreover, the auditory design of this game also simulates the sound of vehicles in our real life, such as the sound of vehicles colliding with each other and stepping on braking, which are very vivid and clear.  So you could totally immerse yourself in this crashing game.

The art style of the whole game is very clean and soothing, which can make the game players feel very comfortable. As for the age suitable for Crash of Cars, I suggest that players who are over the age of 12 may be more targeted for this. Maybe for some parents, the game contains a bit of violence elements and may worry that their kids will imitate what the characters do in this game. Because in Crash of Cars, vehicles will collide with each other freely just to compete and do not need to obey the traffic rules in real life at all. But as a whole, Crash of Cars is still very interesting and compelling, and the charm of it is exactly reflected in the design of the collision idea of this game.

In terms of the playability of the game, I would say it is of no fault, and this game is so much worth playing. The goal of the game is very clear, which is to get access to the crowns scattered on the road as many as possible.

In a map where there is a venue in the wild, you may not be the only player. You may find that a lot of players are also collecting the crowns along the way, but the number of crowns is fairly limited, so you are definitely supposed to have a competition with other players, To win the crown, competition is an absolute highlight of the game. After collecting the crown, you can upgrade your vehicle by changing its parts or make more personalized customization as you wish. In this way, your car will become more durable in the next level and may also cause more huge damage while bumping.

In Crash of Cars, you will have a variety of game modes as well. Unlocking the new level mode will make you have a new sense of fun and will not feel fed up. These interesting game modes can let you enjoy the pleasure of competing and driving cars totally. With the unlocking of the level, many cool types of cars can be unlocked with the progress of the game. High-level cars will improve your chances of winning the game. Anyway, hope all of you guys could download and enjoy Crash of Cars with me!

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Editor's Review

Crash of Cars is a real-time multiplayer game where I need to collect as many crowns as possible before they are destroyed.Meanwhile, as a fast-paced competitive mobile game, here I can choose my favorite car to race and decorate according to my own preferences.

In addition, Crash of Cars is the best car game I've ever played, it has cool maps, cool cars, some rare cars, epic cars and legendary cars. The realistic game screen brings me a different immersive experience.

The game has different scenes, so a lot of times I can use the terrain to avoid enemy attacks and put ourselves at an advantage. Since there is no time limit in battle, the liquidation bonus starts when you die, so all I have to do is kill as many enemies as possible and collect crowns. Realistic game screen also brings me different game experience.

There are a lot of people playing at the same time, bumping into each other, as if I’m in a real car scene, which is quite exciting.

In brief,Crash of Cars is a great game and I recommend all of you to play.