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The Battle of Polytopia

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February 3, 2022
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February 3, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Do you consider yourself a good leader or a collaborator? Do you think you have a good strategy? Do you like pixel style games? I will introduce you to an exciting game that requires a specific strategy. The game is called Battle of Polytopia-a Civilization Strategy Game and is from Midjiwan AB.

This game is about ruling the world, evil-fighting AI tribes, discovering new lands and mastering new technologies. Automatically generated maps make each game a unique experience, with unlimited replay value.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1.In the game, you have to pick and choose between different tribes. Wander through the dark, cold forests of Barria, explore the lush fields of the dank jungle Kickoo or claim the ravishing empire. Lead your civilization into war in this 3D turn-based strategy game. Venture into the streets of this world: explore, collect resources, farms, minerals. Build an epic empire, train your warriors, and send them to fight the armies of other civilizations. Between different tribes to enhance your culture, each unlocking a technology from the beginning. An epic turn-based Empire Builder's auto-generated map comprises blocks, and you must think and fight each turn. Every game will be a new experience of infinite replay value.

2.Unlike other 4X or RTS long-distance games, polyhedron has a ready-and-go approach to this type: a deep strategic layer, where the last battle of the war will take place soon. In single-player mode, the game's goal is to get the highest score in 30 turns, or Perfection, or to destroy all opposing forces. In a multiplayer game, the goal is either to be the first to achieve 10 points of glory or to wage war and conquer all the rival capitals. Attack and destroy every civilization on the way to work or school! Finish the fight by lunch!

3.By defeating or winning by craft, research and develop your camp more than anyone or both. You will try to bring your family from a small village to a powerful kingdom. Increase the urban population through agriculture, fishing, and mining to generate income for fighters, create new structures, provide advantages, or develop new technologies to achieve dominance.

4.As the city grows, upgrading the town will offer you different options: expand your horizons increase your population. Create more income, build walls, build gardens, or train strong fighters. Explore this area, and countless tribes await you in this turn based RTS Kingdom. Use a warrior to find small villages hidden in the fog, conquer them, and they will become your kingdom's new city. Note, however, that the more cities that join the empire, the higher the cost of technological research. Advanced Technology will unlock and even heal your forces and conquer New Forces of other civilizations. Use the best tactics to achieve dominance.

5.The ruins of an ancient civilization will appear on the map, providing more people for your culture or technology to further develop your war units and civilian buildings. After that, the right strategy will make your civilization the best. Observe the alliance status of other tribes with your faction, make friends with them or try to conquer everyone by confronting them with your warriors. Wisely placing your units on the hill instead of in the valley is not the same as fighting, prompting your veteran teams to increase their health. The troops stationed in the city will increase their defenses. High-level towns will provide you with heroes to increase the strength of your army.

6.Turn your troops from land to sea by building upgradeable ships to fight epic naval battles and bomb cities and sea rivals. If you like RTS games, this strategy sandbox war game will make you fight for every map pixel. Fight for your kingdom and let your tribal emblem win! Every time you rule a village, you get more stars, which are used to develop/absorb the surrounding elements and upgrade the city. But that does not mean that the city is more on the stars. The skill of the stars will increase correspondingly, so that said, do not rush to open. We can use other nations to develop in times of struggle, but we must do it quickly, and then when one side is weak, we can kill the other side.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Overall, it's a very immersive game. The game screen is gorgeous; players in the game can be free to carry out a variety of adventure challenges, at the same time with the classic turn-based play, exciting. Unknown worlds are waiting to be explored, wandering through the Black Forest of Barriria, exploring the steamy rainforest of Kickoo, or the plains of Imperium empire. Fighting Evil Ai tribes, exploring new lands and mastering new technologies are exquisite.

In this game, you need to choose your camp and the enemy to fight; with the classic pixel style, various game maps are waiting for you to experience. Players point to unknown cities in need of constant development of their strength, the spread of civilization, is a very test player strategy of the game, very challenging!

It's a turn-based game, and players need to strengthen their economies and explore new lands. It's also an adventurous, casual game but more fun for you to play; download the experience for those who like it.

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Editor's Review

Battle of Polytopia is a unique turn-based strategy game.It is quite easy to play and the game is about conquering everything on the map, conquering all the other tribes or getting the highest score to win.

In the game, I can choose to play as leaders of different races, building my own armies to expand the tribal field and conquer the world.Besides,compared to similar simulated wars, there are two modes of victory:Perfection and Domination.However, no matter which mode, playing a game lasts about half an hour, which is more suitable for mobile gaming experience and easily make me fascinated and quickly experience the fun of the game.

The disadvantage of the game is that there are a few races at present, I wish some of the more fun races and the cooperative alliance between the tribes can be added.