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February 9, 2022
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February 14, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Tetris is one of the most popular and also oldest video games in which you have to get as many scores as possible by getting rid of horizon tiles.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. The method of playing this game is very easy, and after many updates during the recent years there are more modes and more interesting. So you will never get bored when you play this game.

2. Playing this Tetris game can exercise your spatial thinking abilities, and help you activate your brain a lot. Because this sort of game can use both your hands and brain, so you need to mind the cooperation of your hands and brain as well.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Tetris has been popular all over the world. I believe you have played this game since you were a child, so you must be very familiar with the way of playing this game. This game has also made some new improvements on the basis of classics. For example, the picture is more exquisite than the earliest Tetris. Compared with the previous one which mainly used some super simplistic graphics due to the lack of technology at the time, in this game the squares of different shapes in this version present different colors and visuals get greatly improved. In addition, the sound effect of this game is also very griping. It will never be very noisy or restless. It matches the art style of the game very well.

The difficulty of the game also changes. In order to give players a better game experience, Tetris will become more difficult as players level up. For example, the faster the falling speed of the block, the more difficult for players to tell which place should they move the incoming block, but the difficulty is equivalent to your current level, you will not meet any extreme difficult one when you are not in higher levels.

In the process of the game, if you encounter a tile that falls too fast, don't worry, it's because it's becoming a bit difficult and you just have to adjust to the speed. Here's a small tip that can help you, that is, don't pursue the elimination of every layer you see. The accumulation of blocks sometimes is necessary. To get high scores, you must learn to make quick choices instead of making everything seem perfect.

And the game tests your reaction a lot. You need to find where the falling block should go before it touches the bottom. Sometimes if you think too much, it will be too late to determine the location. At this time, you need to find a location that can be perfect for your block to get inserted. Sometimes, even if it is not the most perfect, you should make a decisive choice to avoid missing the opportunity.

Another highlight of this game is that it allows different players to compete, and the winning party can get a lot of rewards. In addition, the game can also show the ranking of you and other players in different regions. I believe you must feel the competitiveness of this game. This game also allows you to play with your own good friends or family, You can invite friends to your own private games, and you can define the difficulty of the game yourself. Customize these puzzle games according to the optimal level of the group.

The most satisfying thing about this game is that unlike many online games, you can also play this game when you are on a plane, that is, offline.And what is more, when you are online with other players you can talk to each other in voice.

In conclusion, this classic game design and multiple modes of Tetris will bring more fun experiences to players. I believe you can't wait to download. Join with me and have fun!

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Editor's Review

As a loyal Tetris player, I have to say that the gameplay is quite classic. Irregular combinations of four blocks fall from above and pile up. As a player, I have a short amount of time to make a judgment and make a choice, allowing the entire line to fill up and disappear. Otherwise the blocks will pile higher and higher until they reach the highest position and the game is over.

Meanwhile, the Tetris single player is also attractive. When I want to play Tetris but only have a few minutes, I can choose the traditional mode for endless rounds or the new fast mode, which is very suitable for me.

In addition, the biggest feature of this game is that it can be played offline, and also I can enjoy the fun of Tetris anytime and anywhere. This is the perfect game I use to kill time.

On the whole, as a game that everyone prefers, are you sure you don't want to try it?