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Five Nights at Freddy's: HW

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About this game

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Varies with device
Updated :
October 26, 2020
Developer :
Steel Wool Games
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869.44 Mb
Updated :
November 21, 2020
Developer :
Steel Wool Games

Description & How To Play

Five Nights at Teddy's official version is a horror game, the game features a variety of teddy bears. The player needs to go in the closed room and to take multiple challenges. The player will find a variety of weapons inside to protect his safety.

The game not only continues the horror style of the previous four games, but also continues to upgrade in gameplay and difficulty. This game has changed a little from the previous way of dealing with different dolls.

Toy Chica: looks a little "sexy" a chicken-shaped doll, when it starts to leave the initial room and start to walk elsewhere, we will see the new Chica mouth and eyes are missing, looks very strange; et it will appear in front and left or right ventilation ducts. And in the first night and the second night it is in a higher rate of appearance, which can be said to be more annoying. It can be said to be more annoying. However, as long as you wear a hood you can escape the attack.

Balloon boy: he is holding a balloon and a word sign in the hands of the Q version of the little man-shaped doll, looks quite cute. He will appear in the left ventilation pipe. Although he will not directly attack the security guard, once it comes to the security room, it will keep making laughter, and during this time we can not open the flashlight to see if there is anything ahead, which makes it is easy to be attacked by other dolls.

Clown: it is a doll similar to a humanoid, very thin, looks a little creepy; as long as you do not let the octave box open, open the monitor at any time to screw the octave box, he will not come out. But once it comes out, it is very dangerous, he will directly ignore the obstacles to the security room, directly attack the security guards, and with the hood is ineffective.

Apocalyptic Freddy: There are some damages on his body, but compared to the other three also old dolls, he has very few damages. He will appear in the central corridor, once the apocryphal Freddy is standing in front of us, the player must put on the hood in a very short period of time, otherwise it will directly jump to kill you. After that, if we choose to do nothing, after a while he will disappear from in front of us. To put it simply, once he appears in front of us, we must quickly put on the hood within a short period of time, no matter if we don't wear it or if we wear it slowly, he will be jumped and kill us. He will start appearing on the third night with a moderately low appearance rate.

Old Chica: he has dislocated his jaw, so his mouth was open especially large, and both hands were broken, revealing a long wire, looking a little scary; he will begin to appear in the third night, the appearance rate is medium. He will appear in the left or right ventilation pipes, his defense method is quite similar to that of apoplectic Freddy. Once he appears in front of you, you need to put on the hood quickly, otherwise he will jump to kill you.

Apocryphal golden bear: he was badly broken, with one broken ear, two hollow eyes, and an opening-wide mouth. He will kill you in a short time, very scary. But his appearance rate is extremely low and can basically be ignored.

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Editor's Review

On the one hand, for me who loves horror games, Five Nights at Freddy's: HW can be regarded as a palace level game. First of all, apart from the fact that it has so much content and levels that I don't get bored during the game, the unique settings alone are enough to make me creepy. For example, while watching the movements of the dolls through closed-circuit television, it is common to see the dolls disappear suddenly or stare directly at the monitor from across the screen, which giving me goose bumps. And the gradual consumption of power will also make me extremely fearful.

On the other hand, as a collection of classic and original horror mini-games, its gameplay also become more playable. Such as in YOU’RE HIRED, I need to fix a broke ventilation system in the dark and weird night. And in RARTS AND SERVICE, I have to play the role of a doll repairman, fixing mechanical dolls and which was very scary. Once something goes wrong in the repair, the mechanical dolls will attack me.

In addition, I do not need any movement in the game. I mainly used the closed- circuit television provided by the monitoring room, the opening and closing of the iron door and the switching of the corridor lights to detect the movement of the mechanical dolls, and disguised myself with the help of the mask to avoid being killed. In short, every action I make consumes a limited amount of power, and once the power is exhausted, what awaits me is the dangerous situation and infinite darkness.

Although the game is known for its horror, I believe you’ll be captivated by the game itself when you play it.




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