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Miracle Merchant

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About this game

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Updated :
February 9, 2022
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Tiny Touch Tales
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February 11, 2022
Developer :
Tiny Touch Tales

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Do You Like Card Games? I want to recommend an exciting card game to you, which can pass the time and relax the mood. This game you can open at any time to play is very convenient and cute.

Miracle Merchant, by Arnold Rauers. What do people think of when they think of card games? Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft? Or some other popular card game? As an alternative, try Miracle Merchant, one of the weirdest card games out there. Some people may think quirky is a bad word, but I don't mean it in the wrong way. I used the word "weird" because of the Nothing in Common of the App Store. Weird doesn't mean the game is terrible.

Top10-Game's Recommend

On the contrary, I think it's an excellent game. As soon as I got into painting, it was easy for me to imagine The Wizarding World of Harry Potter or some magic in a novel or something. The picture is strange and mysterious, and the background sound effect stimulation is rich in the movement; the game logic is simple and exciting.

For this game, my hobby may not be the same as most people, and I like the sophisticated but straightforward game, not too many operations. I do not need to consider all kinds of situations; I do not like constantly upgrading the game because it makes my brain tired. On the other hand, Miracle Merchant was pretty simple, so I loved it. Miracle Merchant's game logic was simple enough to give customers the potion they wanted. The ingredients in their potions come in different colors, so you'll need other colored cards to make their potions.

Simply put, it's a color-coded game. Maybe you look at this, and you snort. It sounds so dull; how can there be such a game? But pay attention! It is a point as long as you go in.

I would like to have been playing the game! It has three play points, and potions must include satisfying customers. If it doesn't contain the color the customer wants, or the value of the brew is too low. The same color next to the potion customers rated higher, higher fees. Cards ranked in a particular order get higher customer ratings and higher prices. This is an entertaining card game, where players need to use cards to fight, very test players strategy, so if you like to try it!

Players don't use cards to fight or play board games. Instead, they turn them into merchandise for customers to buy at home. Players need to use cards representing different elements to combine various magic products, not only according to customer requirements to select cards, but using other cards will also affect the price of goods. Instead of using cards to fight or engage in a tabletop duel, make them into various products. Of course, sometimes you don't have the ingredients a customer needs, or you're in a bad mood and don't want to serve him, so you can choose to skip the customer. Players need to use cards representing different elements to combine various magic products.

Top10-Game's Review

Overall, all the cards representing the elements were created at random when it started. However, the game is more challenging to translate. The text is scattered words; the combination of sentences may be a bit hesitant but does not hinder the understanding of the game.

The game's logic is so simple that you think you can win, but you have to try five or six times before understanding how the game is played. Every time I win a game, I think how simple, and then the next game is very likely to lose in the last round, which is the most disappointing part. But because the developers set the game in a random mode, the outcome is the most exciting.

Overall, In a game, you have eight times in a day, and then you play them all eight times, then you can unlock the game three times by looking at the ads, and you can see your day's accomplishments and the world's player rankings.


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Editor's Review

The simple logic of the game was one of the main reasons I got into Miracle Merchant. It is a strategy card game with the theme of making potions. Simply speaking, it’s a game of color matching. I need to create powerful potions based on the needs of my customers, and the ingredients in the potion are distinguished by different colors. So, which required me to use different colored cards to make potions for them.

Then, in terms of the gameplay, each game has a unique set of randomly generated cards that test my skills, and by successfully completing games, I can collect a large number of carefully crafted potions. Maybe it sounds easy, but it requires a certain strategy, and that’s the highlight of the Miracle Merchant. Since I had to fulfill orders from 13 different customers, using different cards also affected the price of goods when choosing cards according to customer requirements. And to get a higher score, I had to find a way to raise the price of each order.

On the whole, it’s a great game and I believe you will be also have a unique game experience in the Miracle Merchant.