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Arena of Valor

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About this game

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Depends on the device
Updated :
February 22, 2022
Developer :
Garena Online
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638.70 Mb
Updated :
January 28, 2022
Developer :
Garena Online

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Arena of Valor is a multiplayer online tactical competitive game and it is created by famous game studios. Skilled players with much competence could enjoy the game and even shape others in the game!

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

Multiplayer team battles are exciting, there are dozens of distinctive hero characters for players to choose from, friends, download and start your hero journey. Multiplayer online tactical competitive games, also known as real-time strategy games, refer to real-time battle games in which game players are divided into two teams and compete online in the same game scene. This game is played against 5 players (5V5), but unlike traditional games, the experience this game brings is unparalleled. Players need to rack their brains to develop various strategies to control the selected game characters. Players also need to win the game by rationally allocating each team member's attack route, killing the opponent's game characters, robbing map resources, and destroying the enemy's base first.

The game is generally fast-paced and takes less time to play around. If the player is proficient in the rules of the game and the ability to control the character is very strong, then the enemy's territory will be quickly captured, and then the battle duration is short. For the masters, picking up the mobile phone to play games in a fragmented time can release the pressure regardless of the location. For beginners, many strategies on the Internet can help you get started as soon as possible. I believe that you, who are smart, will be able to learn quickly. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, you all want to rely on strength to become the king. The game respects the atmosphere of fair competition, and the fair competition environment greatly mobilizes the enthusiasm of players. I believe that ordinary people can also pass the game and become super kings.

The graphics of the game are stunning. In particular, the clothes of the female characters are so beautiful that players can't restrain their excitement and take out their wallets to buy their favorite clothes. And the whole game scene is also carefully designed by the team, you can see the hazy moonlight, realistic grass, and stones of various shapes. What surprised me is that there are many elements of the ancient Chinese style in the game, such as folding fans and Kongming lanterns. The elements in the game are extremely rich and dizzying. There are also the special effects of the game that make people feel deeply. Every time the character moves to focus on the enemy, there are special light effects and sound effects. It caught the attention of players at once, so many players are very addicted to this game. To pass smoothly, I often spend my lunch break playing games.

This game also supports an online chat function. Players can invite their best friends and team up with players from all over the world to shoot enemies to victory in the team's carefully laid out wilderness areas, roads, and turrets. Players can maintain more interaction with their teammates. Players can use instant voice chat to communicate with friends and partners and use intelligence to develop relevant strategies and tactics. To enrich the player's gaming experience, this game will also add new seasons. Players can actively participate in these seasons, and after winning, they will be on the hero list of the new season.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Many praises are given to the game for its well-designed scenes and characters. I bet this game will never let you down! All in all, little time for great fun.

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Editor's Review

Arena of Valor is a traditional multiplayer online game and it is fun to play with awesome graphics. At first, the gaming experience and characters are nice in the game, which satisfied my vision of MOBA. Next, the dark style of graphics made me feel depressed at first sight, but the portrayal of the characters just make up for this point, and the exquisite characters are in line with my taste.

In addition, I found a flaw in the game. Due to the map of Arena of Valor is wide, the chance of getting caught is very high when playing MID. And even there are risks to long-range farm.

At last, it is worth mentioning that Arena of Valor is a fast and fun match’s game. For example, select a game mode, find opponents and compete in intense battles that can be completed in 15 minutes or less. Meanwhile, as for in-app purchase, the game set is reasonable because the skin doesn’t have any attribute buff and I can get my favorite heroes by causally plays.

On the whole, Arena of Valor is a fantastic game and deserve downloading and playing.