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Call of Duty®: Mobile

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About this game

Size :
Depends on the device
Updated :
January 16, 2022
Developer :
Activision Publishing
Size :
2.4 Gb
Updated :
January 19, 2022
Developer :
Activision Publishing

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

This game is the mobile version of the game of the same name. It pays tribute to the original design concept in both content and form. It is an outstanding leader in many gunfighting games, and it is also a big hit in multiplayer games.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

For some games, even without reading the recommended text written by critics, players can perceive the game's otherness from its title alone. In my opinion, Call of Duty®- Mobile is such a high-quality, veritable boutique action game. However, I still wanted to spend some ink to write a few of my remarks so that it can help more potential players pick the right game for them. Hope you all find the fighting spirit in Call of Duty®- Mobile. The reason why I can guarantee that players will not be disappointed with this mobile game is that it seems to have optimized the button experience, especially for mobile devices. This enables mobile game players without the assistance of a keyboard, mouse, or joystick to use their nimble fingers to manipulate the heroic warriors on your screen to cut their way through gunfire.

The point I want to start with is the great convenience when you play. This needs to be epitomized by the capacity and accessibility of the game Call of Duty®-Mobile. You don't have to worry too much about running out of storage space on your cellphone, because game makers have taken these issues into consideration. By reducing the size of the game, on the one hand, they magnified the various advantages of the game. On the other hand, more players with different tastes can get more contact with the game. Large groups of players were able to put their differences aside and try out the charm of the game together, shooting enemies across the Call of Duty map, attacking points of capture, and even destroying their opponent's large combat units. Taking the final victory is what every loyal player is most eager to do.

Another point worthy of in-depth analysis is the freshness and novelty of this game. Of course, traditional games, including many old games that have been treasured in the long history of games, have been tested and are often played new. However, if players only stick to the achievements of the old games, and are unwilling to see the greatness of the new game, they may miss a lot of unique ideas. Call of Duty®- Mobile is one example of this eye-catching whimsy that demonstrates how much effort the producers put into the game. While inheriting the classic gameplay of the Call of Duty® series, it proactively innovates and introduces a large number of new elements. This covers new game modes, maps, and themed events. As long as you complete specific mission requirements, you will naturally win corresponding rewards as a recognition of your hard work and practice of marksmanship.

Another point I hope you don't forget is that you have the right to connect with other players freely. The multiplayer combat module is a particularly critical part of all the content of this game, and it is also a carefully planned project by the production team. When you enter the world of Call of Duty®- Mobile, countless enemies and allies appear before your eyes. To ally with them or to fight them to the end? It's all up to you, and your world is yours. Specifically, you can join your favorite clan, reap the benefits of cooperative games, and build your own battle database.

【Top10-Game's Review】

Every critic knows that in order to review a game, it is necessary to dig out the cultural core and design concepts contained in the game from multiple levels and perspectives. If I have to comment, I will admit that this is also applicable to the mobile game Call of Duty®- Mobile. I praise its various advantages and sincerely hope that more like-minded friends can join the marksman team and share the joy of competition.

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Editor's Review

As another representative game in the Battle Royale series, it gives me a unique feeling.First of all, in terms of gameplay, it's quite suit for mobile play, which is smooth and fun.

Compared to other mobile games, Call of Duty 2 is more visually intense and has a more perfect strike. It is also a first-person game, but it has a more immersive feel.

In addition, from the perspective of in-app purchase, the charges of Call of Duty mobile games is more about the beauty of weapons and props, and there is not much bonus in tools at present. It is a fair thing for our ordinary players. Call of Duty mobile games are more about technology now.

Meanwhile, the Hardhat multiplayer map, JAK-12 functional weapon, the Chopper Gunner scorestreak, and more, along with a brand new battle pass including tons of shiny rewards make the game even more attractive.

With classic multiplayer modes,Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 deserve you to download and play.