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Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

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About this game

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110.10 Mb
Updated :
February 4, 2022
Developer :
Adult Swim
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927.50 Mb
Updated :
February 8, 2022
Developer :
Adult Swim

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Rick and Morty: Pocket Morty is a free role-playing mobile game designed by developers Big Pixel Studios and Tag Games and launched out in the year of 2016.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. Playing Rick and Morty can give you a great sense of achievement, because the characters grow faster in the game, and you would get a lot of rewards such as currency and badges in it when you complete a new level. And the difficulty design is friendly to novices.

2. Rick and Morty can make you relax a lot. You could enjoy it yourself after work or study. This game is totally fun, because compared to the original series, this game includes more adventures for Rick and Morty so you can always feel endless freshness in it.


【Top10-Game's Review】

First of all, I would say the graphic quality of Pocket Mortys is equally fantastic as the TV series. You would get attracted by the fantastic graphics the moment when you start this game.

The gameplay is really intriguing. The game is with a clear story line which is like Rick and Morty animated series. The dialogue between Rick and Morty in this game is reminiscent of the series. The lines of both characters are in accordance with their personalities, and the jokes of them are no less hilarious. After playing this game, you guys would feel the urge to watch the series again!

Here in this game Rick and Morty will be confronted with different versions of Morty from other dimensions. There are roughly 70 kinds of Mortys in this game such as Stray Cat Morty and Moustache Morty. And your goal is to do whatever you can to win the battle with them.

After entering the battle, you are supposed to make the enemy’s HP lower until he gets dazed by attacking. Don’t worry that you don’t know how to do that because you have multiple tools and abilities available to choose from to achieve that goal. Also remember that tools are with various levels of damage. Once you have successfully dazed the other version of Morty then you would receive some Schmeckles which can be regarded as in-game currency. Apart from Schmeckles you could also get some experience which is essential for you to level up and be stronger.

With level going up, you could also get other tools or a badge. The more level you complete, the more rewards you could receive. After winning the combats, you can also help Rick to improve his Mortypad by making the Morty you defeated in this game some helpers. So this game is also safe to say that the goal is to collect Mortys as many as possible. And you all can grow quickly with levels increasing. But remember that different Mortys are with various strengths and weaknesses. There are around three kinds of Morty, which are scissors, rock and paper. You could not say there is an absolute weak one and a strong one so make sure you use Mortys with your own strategies while combating. After each battle you could get some equipment to help you such as serum and so on. Some are beneficial to increase your damage and make you defeat the enemy in a shorter period of time while others are used to restore your HP.

In a word, if you are a huge fan of Rick and Morty, then this game is definitely tailor made for you. It only only has the same characters in the animated series but also unique game experience you can get. Hope you guys could download and try this game out!

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Editor's Review

When I first play the game,I thought it was similar to Pokemon.

However,after several rounds of the game, I found it has its own characteristics.In Pocket Mortys, it’s a game of PVP. Also the number and type of Morty that players brought are different.In addition, I can also pick things up in the countryside, which is very addictive for me.

At the same time,I feel that Pocket Mortys is a great game to kill the time and have a lot of fun collecting all kinds of strange Morties.

In gameplay, it’s a bit like a collection game, where you need  to know different Morties and play against them. Different stats and types of Morties, they also have different race values.

What impressed me most was that Morty in uniform couldn't get it right.But Rabbit Morty , on the other hand, has a cute attack.By the way,As long as you remember the types and characteristics of each Morty, it's quite easy to play.

Besides,the game’s shortcomings is the lack of story,if there are more content,it would be better.



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