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January 13, 2022
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January 19, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Remember all those years ago when all of a sudden, a bunch of cute elves showed up on your phone screen? Remember when you could turn on your camera phone and see all those cute little elves on the street or the roof? Speaking of which, do you already know what game I'm talking about? That's right; I'm talking about Pokémon.

The game I'm going to show you today is another Pokémon series called Pokémon Unite, an action game developed by The Pokémon Company. You can know this is a strategic war game through the cover, joined the classic MOBA play, and brought players a more exciting war mode. This game has very rich Pokémon Elves. Players can choose according to their preferences, participate in a thrilling battle, and enjoy the unlimited fun of the game. Interested players are now ready to download.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1.Rich and diverse Pokémon Elves have their unique skills and attributes. Play their strategy, an appropriate mix of a strong lineup, to win more resources and victory. Incarnate Pokémon Trainer, Use Your card to fight with the elves. The game screen style is relatively partial to the European-style cartoon style, and each spirit is a vivid image. Pokémon cards of all kinds are available can continue to wake up every player's childhood memory. First, I will tell you a few of the areas you're bound to encounter in the game. The games will be held in several places on the island of Aeos. The number of teams in each arena, the game's duration, the rules of the game and the occurrence of the wild baby can be different. Mar Arena, fast action; 4 v4; about 5 minutes.

2.Feel this mode is relatively chicken ribs, similar to the 5v5 map, where the legend of the emergence point is the lightning bird. Orla Park, quick fight; 3v3; 5 minutes. The most miniature map in the game, with several one-way conveyor belts in Ola Park, where the legendary emergence point is Reggie Chicas. Kiefer city, Battle Royale; 4v4; five minutes. Keep an eye on this map, which features only one scoring zone for each team, which will give both sides more clarity of purpose and more frequent and intense fighting. The most powerful Wild Pokémon is the Ice Monster. After the defeat, give the player an ice halo and slow down the opponent while increasing their defense.

3.There are plenty of Elf skins available for use in the game, making sure you get the perfect treat. Most players also have more fun here and won't let you down. The point of view is also pretty good, and you must have all your needs met. There are numerous mysterious elves in this world, and the three legendary elves are back into the universe. But the creation God in endows this world the emotion sunlight ocean, returned to the universe deep place to continue to sleep deeply. You help yourself explore and take risks in this world by acquiring different attributes of the spirit.

4.And, by the way, a few areas of the game. The starting point of Pokémon, where Pokémon started, will be sent back to the starting point if knocked down in the round and can fill the blood volume in an instant. The starting point exit location has the springboard, may pass through the conveyor belt to the existence this side obtains the area. The scoring measurement, which is divided into the home side and the enemy side, is purple on the home side and orange on the other side. If we inject "billion oz energy" into the scoring area of the opposing team, we can increase the score for our team. In the friendly end zone, Pokémon can slowly restore HP. When a score area is filled with scores, it disappears. The origin of the legend. That's all that matters.

5.Every time the game comes to an end, there is a place where the legendary Pokémon Lightning Bird appears. After the fabled point-to-point knockdown of Thunderbird, the team will receive a large amount of bios energy. At the same time, the Thunderbird will also provide cover with lightning strikes, creating many rapid scoring opportunities for the team.

【Top10-Game's Review】

All in all, the game is exciting and lively. All kinds of Pokémon elves can be found here, and you can directly choose your favorite Pokémon Battle. As a top trainer, your command is critical, and the elves need you to choose the best way to attack.

You are only responsible for understanding the rich and diverse Pokémon Elves, each unique skill and attribute. Play their strategy, an appropriate mix of a strong lineup, to win more resources and victory. Incarnate Pokémon use their skills to fight it, and the elves together to fight.

The game screen style is more inclined to Japanese cartoon style, and each spirit is vivid. All kinds of magic baby everything, you can continue to wake up the childhood memories of each player. Gorgeous PK special effects more expressive character design, making the game more interesting. Don't hesitate to download it now!

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Editor's Review

Push the tower instead of push crystal and the team with the most points wins, the gameplay is quite fresh. That was my first impression of Pokémon unite.The gameplay of Pokémon UNITE is very simple, mainly jungle and collect Poké ball, and then take the Poké ball to the opposite basket in the buckle, which side dunk score more which side will win.

The game judge the wining or losing by the number of dunks. I can kill an enemy without dunking, but opposing players will not do that so.

It gave me a lot more freedom than other MOBA. For example, I'm free to choose my skill's evolutionary path.Take the Charizard for example, if I choose flamethrower, the combat experience will be biased towards medium range.

Additionally, along with the selection of sprites, I can bring a variety of combat props to the sprites.Props are classified as scoring, attacking, and defending, which can give the sprite additional abilities or buffs to gain a greater advantage in battle.

All in all, the whole game experience is very smooth from my point of view. And I recommend it for those who like Pokémon games.