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1.5 Gb
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January 28, 2022
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1.5 Gb
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February 10, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

This game is a new game based on the PUBG framework. While maintaining the basic content of the original game, it fully adapts to the buttons of mobile devices, and finally achieves a competitive environment centered on gun shooting.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

I can guess that when everyone first saw the title of this game - PUBG: NEW STATE, it must not be difficult to think of the popular gunfight game. Your guesswork is right, this game is the mobile version of PUBG. You can find traces of these types of games in every corner, and many game players have become loyal fans of PUBG: NEW STATE. Considering this amazing phenomenon, a larger group of players will start their competitive journey in the future. Let's take a look at what this game has to offer you in-depth exploration.

The first time you download the game, players will find that the most notable feature is the new in-game equipment, including items you have never seen before and various vehicles with trendy styles. Among these combat tools, the most eye-catching is the drones with a sense of technology. They are different from traditional vehicles or classic items and can play a huge role in actions such as stealth. If you are a creative game veteran, then you can let yourself feel at ease in this game. Because this game provides the function of weapon customization, which means that players can add accessories to their favorite equipment at will, making them the darling of your collectibles showcase while ensuring their power. I bet you can make your friends speechless with envy as long as you build your arsenal.

Another reason you have to play this game is the breadth and freedom of the game map. Don't think that moving the game onto mobile devices will be a big discount. The scene of PUBG: NEW STATE is still as large as the PC version, and you have enough space to display your fighting skills. Whether it's a tense sniper battle or a hand-to-hand fight, fans of survival games can be hooked. Don't blame me for not reminding you, missing out on this game could mean passing up an opportunity to become a game expert. Because the elements of the large map to increase the graphics quality are not available in every game.

Now I'm going to talk about the game's excellent online system in detail. As a game with competition as its main selling point, how to show the realism and urgency of fierce battles have always been a problem for game producers to think about. I think the production team of PUBG: NEW STATE has their own unique insights into this. If you have played this game, then you will find that there is still a lot of humanized design in the multiplayer mode. The layout of the buttons is generally in line with ergonomic standards, and even if you hold the electronic device for a long time, your palms will not feel too sore. At the same time, the game's combat feedback is well done, and the relatively realistic physics engine ensures that the game brings players a strong sense of immersion. You can put on headphones, enjoy the game with your three or five friends, and experience the joy of realistic team battles.

【Top10-Game's Review】

When I write reviews, I always try to be original, so as to truly reflect the quality of the game. Today I still want to write my review on the strengths of the game PUBG: NEW STATE. This mobile game can help you realize all kinds of ideas about combat. You can switch between your favorite guns, use grenades for different purposes to harvest your enemies, and even set up a shield to be a solid and reliable defender. The various game experiences mentioned above are no longer a fantasy, and the game PUBG: NEW STATE can help you easily realize your dreams. Just touch the screen, swipe your finger, and you can turn your cellphone into a high-end battle simulator.

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Editor's Review

PUBG: NEW STATE as an extreme battle royale game, its realistic battlefield environment made me more immersed in the epic battle.

Then,as a big fan of Battle Royale, the game offers an bigger surprise.New additions to the game, such as drones and shields,both of them are refreshing.

Similar to the gameplay of previous games, PUBG: NEW STATE still focuses on the gun shooting gameplay, and I can modify the weapon in the weapon customization system, such as changing the shooting mode, equipping grenade launchers and so on.It is worth mentioning that in PUBG: NEW STATE, the weapons have been upgraded to be more futuristic, with both a sense of attack and maneuverability, and I can experience a more vivid gunfight pleasure.

Meanwhile, a huge open world battlefield bringing me a more realistic game experience.Also, characters have two perspectives and I can freely switch, each vision will have a different game experience, which increase the game playability.In addition, the game of PUBG: NEW STATE has added the function of teammate recruitment, I can turn the enemy in the fallen state into my own teammates, so that I can make up for the loss of the team battle force.That is great for me.

Anyway, I really enjoy this game and I recommend all of you to play it.