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Rival Stars College Football

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May 24, 2021
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March 9, 2021
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Rival Stars College Football is a free video game where you can form your own college football team and combat with other college teams. It was developed and launched out by PikPok.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1. Rival Stars College Football can let you experience the fun of competition between college foot ball teams, and you can make many good friends in this game as well.

2. Rival Stars College Football is very suitable for you to play when you are busy at work or under great pressure in study, because it can make you relax very much.

3. This game can let you exercise your thinking ability very much. Because this game requires a lot of strategies, so it can activate your brain to some degree.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

Rival Stars College Football is without a doubt a superb game that is worth playing. You could have a lot of fun in it.

In this game, you are the manager of your own college football team, so you can recruit and train hundreds of excellent players from your university. They are with some talents and really ambitious. You can have them go to combat with the other university football team and win the glory for your own university.

You can also choose your team's outfits, style and logo, so I think it is kind of different from other similar games, because this game can make you better customize your team. When you play games, you can also feel this desire to win and a very strong sense of belonging. In this regard, this game well combines all the good characteristics of the current football games, and also enables our whole football team to unite and compete together.

In Rival Stars College Football, because you are the manager of the football team, you need to formulate some team management strategies. Then sometimes you need to make some very difficult decisions on the playing field as well. And these decisions can not be random because they determine if your team could win or not, so it must be based on the consideration that you can correctly manage your team and let them give full play to their potential.

In addition, this game also can teach us how to cooperate as a team, because we may not always win on the pitch, so we inevitably feel very depressed when we encounter failure. Therefore, when we encounter failure, as the manager of the team, we need to be calm and carefully analyze the shortcomings of the current strategy. Then according to the strategies used by the other team, we can choose our more appropriate plan, and then gradually improve our team and train our own teammates, so that we can achieve greater success.

In Rival Stars College Football, you can also cooperate with other players, and then create your own team. You can also communicate with them and learn some of their successful strategies. In this way, you can give better play to the strength of your team in the next battle. During the game, you will also see some highlights of your players' game. You can collect them and share them with other players. In addition, this game has almost no advertising, but it supports in-game purchase. You can buy some tools, which can facilitate you to better upgrade. You can rest assured that these charges are not mandatory. You can find this purchase option in the menu at any time and go for whatever you like voluntarily. All in all, this is a game that can help you know the essence of teamwork a lot and you will have a lot of fun in it. Do not miss it!

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Editor's Review

To be honest, I’ve played a number of football games, Rival Stars College Football is a very exciting mobile sports simulation game with rich gameplay and it’s quite attractive.

In addition, what impressed me most about this game is that it really did what called “Player first”.Which really got me into the game. Why do I think that? A simple example can be explained. As a player, I was the coach of a college football team, selecting and training star players, setting up game strategies, forming leagues, competing for championships, and so on. All of these are up to me. And it is amazing that one game could fulfill my coaching dream.

On the other hand, live, dynamic global games where I go head-to-head with real world opponents, which is as exciting as a real game.

All in all, it’s a perfect game and if you want to build a legendary team, download and play it.