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Updated :
April 23, 2021
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Pixel Envision
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April 25, 2021
Developer :
Pixel Envision

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Kubic is a fun mobile video game where you can solve some geometric puzzles. It is published by the publisher Mikhail Melnikov in the year of 2017 . 

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1.The soundtracks of this game are so soothing and beautiful that you could unwind yourself totally while playing this game. You could just put on your earphones and immerse yourself in the amazing piano music.

2.This game literally requires no skills. So you can easily get started with this game even if you have never played this kind of game. And it is very helpful for training our spatial thinking ability.

3. The difficulty design of this game is very reasonable. The difficulty levels range from simple to difficult, but the difficulty between two adjacent levels is not that steep so you would feel a rational degree of challenge in every new level.

【Top10-Game's Review】

I would say the great visual design in kubic is so minimalistic that you would feel a strong sense of simplicity. You would not see many strong colors but some simple and clean colors such as white and blue. You just can’t help getting drawn by this amazing color design.

The way of playing this game is quite easy and simple. If you have played Lego a lot when you were a child, then you will definitely be a big fan of this game, because the gameplay of this game is more like building blocks just like you did when you were little, and you need to have some good spatial thinking ability. It sometimes can be somewhat tricky because you need to visualize the blocks on your mind very often especially when you have to assemble a 3D block.

On a side note, each level has a unique name in this game, when you play the game, you can notice them easily, and each name is related to some technique that is used in this level, so when you are playing any level of this game, and you happen to struggle in this puzzle and you have no clue, just think about what the name of this level is, I believe you will find the answer soon.

I think the initial few levels of this game are simple enough for beginners, but the difficulty of the latter ones is definitely not that easy to deal with, because they are all 3D models, so you need to have a good imagination to find the way to assemble. At this time, you need to put the target model which is the combination of block pieces you want to put together on your mind several times, and then use your imagination and spatial thinking ability to analyze how to combine and arrange the building blocks you have right now. Sometimes you need to be extra patient when you face some difficult ones. If you can't think of a solution, don't get frustrated and start to give up, just turn to this game for help. This game has prepared some hints for you, which can give you a bit of guidance to find a way to build the target model you want to build. But these hints are limited, and the game currently offers ten hints, so you can only use hints when you can't think of them.

In a nutshell, this game is absolutely worthy of having a try. It is definitely one kind of games that is fun to kill time with. I believe that you guys will find the charm of thinking and a unique sense of experience in this game. Download it now and play it.

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Editor's Review

Kubic looks like a simple game,but it tests the player’s spatial imagination indeed.When I first played the game, I was drawn to the geometry.It is not so much a puzzle game as an infinitely changing art of spatial geometry.

In the process of game-playing, I found it is very easy to manipulate. I can finish it by dragging different parts of the square, and the last square I move will become the top layer.However, there is also a problem.The game give me a kind of visual illusion by fantastic collocation.For example,if I use normal logic to look at it, I often get a wrong result.Therefore, in the process of playing the game, I have to overcome the error caused by visual misdirection.My suggestion is to take a three-way view of observations and this can achieve a better visual effect.