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PK XD - Play with your Friends

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May 6, 2022
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May 5, 2022
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Description & How To Play

【One sentence Introduction】

PK XD - Explore Universes! is a globally popular open-world simulation game developed by Afterverse Games, where you can explore the world and adventure with millions of players. Here, you can create your own avatar as much as you want, play mini-games and contest with friends, build your dream house, and more.

【Top10-Game’s Recommend】

To begin with, there are no specific gameplay or rules, so you are free to explore in the game. This is a 3D world full of cartoon style, you can experience unlimited and interesting professional adventure, and in each scene in the game can be completely independent. Here, you can create your favorite avatar, whether it’s a human, zombie, unicorn, witch, dragon, etc., everything is possible.

In the next place, the game offers a wealth of careers to choose from, including influencer, astronaut, scientist, Chef, pilot, and so on. You can choose to play a variety of professional roles, as a singer on the stage to show your elegant demeanor. Of course, there are all kinds of items available for you to use, be creative and create your own identity.

At the same time, having a fantastic vehicle in the game is something you can’t even imagine before, but PK XD can satisfy you now. You can choose whatever you want from skate, scooter, car, skates or motorcycle.

Last but not least, you can also build your own house, acquire new items, and decorate your home as needed. The only limit is your imagination, and many objects and tools are available for new challenges. Of course, in addition to exploring the universe and taking on challenges, there are other different activities you can try, such as playing mini-games and racing with friends, participating in a crazy run, delivering pizzas and dodging obstacles to earn coins, having fun with snowballs, birds, obstacles, and pets. In addition, you can try to celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Children’s Day, birthday parties and many unique events with themed items.

All in all, this game is much more fun than the above mentioned. It’s really addicting when you starting trying to get a better house, better clothes, and better furniture.

【Top10-Game’s Review】

On the whole, this is an awesome simulation game. I really enjoyed the feeling of being able to create my own avatar as I wanted in the game, and also having the opportunity to interact with a pet in the game, the more I take care of the pet, the more it can evolve into a fantastic animal. Although some players will complain that the mechanics of the game can be too boring, like it’s hard to have fun after you have everything you need. I have some half-baked suggestions here that might make the game a little more interesting. First, the game should let players choose which pet they want, so that legendary pets take longer to hatch than commons and rares take shorter time to hatch. Next, my suggestion is to have weekly tasks that players can do to win prizes so that people will actually be playing the game even more. And the final point is to try to add some influential clothes or gear to the game, which will make the whole game look more attractive. Of course, the overall design concept of this game is still very commendable. Grow up in a challenging universe, build your dream house in a virtual room, complete quests to earn coins, and chat with friends in real time.


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Editor's Review

Do you like exploring the universe? Want to join me on an adventure? The game I’m going to introduce next is sure to blow your mind. PK XD, a simulation game developed by Afterverse Games.

The game is pretty cool because you can do actions, make your own character and you can even have friend chat and more. Even, it is no exaggeration to say that if you play it once, you’ll be so hooked that you won’t want to uninstall it.


First of all, what’s addicting about this game is undoubtedly the fact that you can explore the cartoon universe and do whatever you want. Create your own avatar, build your house, meet friends, and go on new adventures. Additionally, in this open world game, you will challenge yourself with mini-games to earn exclusive items.


Next, in addition to exploring the world and taking on challenges, there are other different activities you can try, such as playing mini-games and competitions with friends, participating in crazy runs, delivering pizza and dodging obstacles to earn coins. Of course, you can also celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Children's Day, birthday parties and many unique events with themed items.


All in all, you will never be idle in PK XD, there is always an activity waiting for you to challenge.

The freedom of the game is very high, there is no specific gameplay and rules, you are free to explore. The game also offers a plethora of in-game items to help you pass through the levels quickly. Other than that, imagining you and your pet having fun in PK XD is something to boast about, and which will bring you a different kind of surprise. The more you take care of your pet, the more it can evolve into a fantastic animal. Remember it’s your virtual world, so go for it!



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