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Need for Speed™ No Limits

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95.42 Mb
Updated :
February 3, 2022
Developer :
Electronic Arts
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3.0 Gb
Updated :
January 24, 2022
Developer :
Electronic Arts

Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Are You Good at driving? How does an ordinary car stack up on a City Road? What if you switched from a standard car to a racing car? Do you still have the confidence to ride it? Today I would like to introduce the game. I am a certain degree of difficulty because the direction of the master has been challenging to master. But if you happen to be a very skilled driver, you must not miss this game.

The game, Need for Speed no Limits. Create by Electronic Arts. Need for Speed No Limits is a popular racing game with many players. Not only is it HD realistic, but also there are different cars that you can customize to give you the thrill of racing and racing against other drivers.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1.Need for Speed No Limits is EA's classic racing game for mobile platforms. The game optimizes the mobile operations of the problem so that players can more easily operate the car race and adds many of the world's top sports cars and fun; it's going to be awesome. In Need for Speed No Limits, you can experience the adrenaline rush of gripping the steering wheel in the latest version. Tune your vehicle with unlimited options and dominate the streets in the ultimate battle to take down a street racing overlord.

2.Let your sports car sprint at full speed, enable nitrogen-oxygen pressurization, flick the tail through the heavy traffic, leaving the enemy drivers far behind. Beat the strongest team in the time trial, vehicle delivery, and duel mode to prove your strength for some players, collect real cars, and use the most advanced custom systems on mobile devices to build your dream sports cars and conquer your competitors.

3.In this game, in my experience, you only need to do two things well. First, face anyone who dares to challenge the opponent and does not retreat, far away from them, improve your reputation. Sprint, Drift, accelerate in a straight line, drive your car straight to the finish line while shaking off the police who are chasing you. In over 1,000 challenges, and that's just the beginning. Take a lousy name, dominate the streets, win the best car in the world. Because one way is never enough! Number Two, Speed Racer.

4.Speeding through the Dark Mountain streets, running through and around the wreckage, driving into traffic against the wall, and through the high-speed nitrogen acceleration zone. Turn on the nitrogen gas to accelerate into a rush state and experience the exciting driving and drifting experience on a whole new level. It is possible to meet a new race anywhere and run into a local team or race group. The world is full of self-appointed drivers-can you always stay ahead and get respect?

5.It is worth mentioning that this game has an apparent in-house purchase function. But in a way, I think it's worth it. Create your dream ride with a wide variety of racing cars and custom options. Release yourself between chaos and control and plunge into the underground racing culture in a moment of throttling. Win races, build prestige, join more races, experience more customization and more racing. Once you make a choice, you never look back. Players must be in "campaign mode" and "Series" to win awards.

6.Players will be able to participate in time-limited special events and will be able to rent a dedicated car for use in story mode. If story mode completes all races before time runs out, the player will keep the rental car as a reward to complete. All cars in the game can be upgraded with engines, turbochargers, gearboxes, wheels, ECU, and nitrogen to improve performance. In addition to performance, the player may carry on modifying vehicle body fitting and the frequency color. Still, part has the unique appearance automobile, cannot carry on the modification forever.

【Top10-Game's Review】

In general, the game has exciting drag racing city streets, and the international team creates film-level realistic shots to enhance the player's game experience. You can personalize your FREESTYLE, 100 remarkable car modifications to complete your ride. Or you can have a top-of-the-line luxury car, sports car brand license, 100% detail restored in the game. The game also supports PVP mode, with friends to open black 3v3 sports multi-real time racing to build a hot-blooded team.

EA like a master, they have developed a racing game tour, each of which is a household Need for Speed. You Don't have to worry about any detail or manipulation to make you feel uncomfortable. The game's fast and exciting racing mode gives you an adrenaline rush, Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti and other top supercars, everything, let you experience the real sports car driving pleasure.

With a range of vehicles and modifications to create your style of racing. Pedal down, into the underground street racing world, in the chaos and control of the full release of their own. Win the competition, build the reputation, and then put in more games.

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Editor's Review

First, the game Need for Speed™ No Limits can be positioned as a street racing game with customizable vehicles to avoid police roadblocks. And as a big fan of racing games, I have to say that this game is not inferior to the classic racing game Need for Speed.

Second, the dazzling screen and relatively simple and easy operation bring me the ultimate racing experience. The core gameplay of the game is the traditional racing, I needn’t to control the driving speed, just swiping the screen, and steering, drifting, nitrogen acceleration and more can be achieved.Based on this model,even if not familiar with the game players can quickly start in my opinion.

In addition, the track setting and actual vehicle acceleration make the game experience quite exciting and enjoyable.The fact that I could change the look of the vehicle at will was also very attractive.

In brief, If you want to experience the thrill of racing, I recommend this game-Need for Speed™ No Limits.