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November 28, 2020
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November 26, 2020
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

I want to survey before I introduce this game. Are you sensitive to lines and colors? Are You a problem solver? Can you quickly organize by shape or color in a short period? The reason I ask is that the game I'm about to tell you about has a lot to do with what I just said.

The game is called Empty and was developed by the dustroom. Empty is a collection of puzzles and leisure as one of the hand games, and the game players have to clean up the room. This process is not just a simple cleaning; you need to classify the same colors and indoor space to play. Someone who loves the challenge of players must not miss.

【Top10-Game's Recommend】

1.If you look at the room from a different angle, all the clutter will disappear. This is not the magic of lazy housekeeping, but a unique observation game and thinking in empty. You will see a colorful three-dimensional room. Slide the screen over the objects in the room against a background of the same color. Like orange sofas and orange walls, purple potted plants, and purple ceilings, until they become one, and suddenly, they're gone. The more complex the room, the harder it is to clean. Some things stand between the object and the background and finding the correct order of elimination is the key. Of course, the Messier the room, the higher the sense of accomplishment. There's no time limit in this magic hut, so enjoy the game!

2.During my trial run, the actual operation of the game was straightforward. Players only need to, under the right circumstances or turn the room garbage can pass. The game uses a three-dimensional design; players have to turn the room so that some objects have hours and change the color of the situation. Play is exciting. In this section of the game, the player can get very release pressure, leisure entertainment of the game feel, and in the Empty game includes a lot of copy challenges, the content is rich. At first, the room is a mess, but trash of the same color may be assigned to the same color background wall after your cleaning.

3.Oh, and don't forget that once you've sorted the trash by color, you'll be able to click on the waste to do your daily task. How'd it gone? It doesn't sound like it would not be too tricky but playing or coin a tiny brain! It is a casual tour in a minimal and fresh style. The scene design of each level in the game is constantly changing. The pictures made from splicing of various colors bring sound visual effects. Players here need to click on the rotation to change the object's color, directly all the items into one, so the house becomes empty.

4.The game is designed in 3D to allow players to relax. In addition, the game has a variety of modes to play. Feel the fun of the game. As mentioned above, the game is smooth and straightforward, fun to play. There is no age limit; players of any age can play. The game picture is exquisite plays the method content to be very rich. At the same time, the game contains several challenges, and the content is vibrant. The player who likes challenges wants to see seriously, according to different object colors to match the same color. Click to remove the barrier between the two, and the item will disappear automatically.

5.As the difficulty increases, the rich level challenge tests the player's level of operation. Don't forget, when you're done, you can click finish cleaning task—my favorite unique way to play the game, all three-dimensional modelling. And when the player pieces out of the graphics look more sophisticated, there will be a great sense of the game experience. The game also keeps track of your progress, so you don't have to worry if something interrupts or you have a temporary job, and you can continue with your challenge whenever you want. Each level in the game corresponds to a different world. Pay attention to these changes. You can only see one side of the cube at a time, so you need to remember all the words in your mind. It would help if you used these relevant clues to find the truth.

【Top10-Game's Review】

All in all, this is very easy to operate but with the level design without losing playability, a certain degree of challenge of the game. The leisure time to a level is perfect, suitable to pass the time or challenge themselves.

As a Zen-like Fun Puzzle Chuang Guan Hand Tour, high-definition simple hand tour screen, feel the style of different spatial transformation. Easy to use operation, mobile tour story rich. All the well-designed levels add tension and excitement to the process.

It's a small scene, but it's full of detail. It reminds me of the little box in the valley of monuments, and hopefully, it will have the desired effect and support. After watching the mobile game video, I honestly feel very impressive, especially the multi-dimensional transformation to the mobile game brings more possibilities and visual feast.

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Editor's Review

As a casual decompression game, I can finish the challenge through different types of twist in the game to observe the difference between the scene and graphics and the effect of the perspective, to better find the content and clues.

The graphics are simple and the gameplay is novel and varied.Each level in the game corresponds to a different world, and be aware of these changes. Since I can only see one side of the cube at a time, I need to remember all the worlds in my mind and find out the truth through those relevant clues.It sounds easy,but takes a lot of thought.

In addition, as a relaxing puzzle game,Empty has no ads and no paid content,which is a good news for our first player and have a good experience in the gameworld.

All in all, you can try this type of game in your spare time.