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Papa's Mocharia To Go!

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August 31, 2022
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March 10, 2021
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Description & How To Play

【One Sentence Introduction】

If you are tired of cooking food, try to join Papa Louie’s new coffee shop and learn how to make drinks and desserts for customers.

【Top10-Game’s Recommend】

In Papa’s Mocharia To Go, high-ended coffee and delicious cannoli will be served to customers in order to satiate their taste buds and set them free from the hustle bustle of their daily life. As staff working under Papa Louie, you need to serve customers with a diverse range of custom layered coffee drinks. In other words, you need to learn how to make Papaccinos. Currently, a film is being made in the coffee shop, recording the story of the shop in the following one year. You are now the hero or the heroine in this film. Therefore, the pressure is not only from the customers making their orders but also from the film crew watching every action of you. In this kind of circumstance, you have to be careful in order to not make mistakes and behave yourself. Yet, the task lay in from of you is quite burdensome. As the one who are in charge of the place, you must be capable of dealing with multiple tasks at the same time. And you have to switch between different areas of the shop to complete the whole procedure of making a cup of coffee. To take the order of customers, you have to respond to them quickly at the front. Once the order is made, you need to remember every detail of it and customize the coffee drink within a short time so that the customers won’t get impatient. From brewing espresso, and processing the milk, to making layered coffee drinks to serve your customer, you should be fully attentive. In no time, you will master all the skills and become a coffee master in the town. During special seasons and holidays, you could also unlock special ingredients to offer customers daily specials with new recipes. To win the heart of customers, you gotta try your best. Thanks to the variety of assistant machines, you can save a lot of time and work with higher efficiency. Apart from layers of milk foam, the coffee drink could be added with different ingredients of toppings as well. Since it is a coffee shop, deserts are also available for customers. Learn how to make cannoli by choosing the shell, piping it full of cream, and decorate it with a wide array of toppings. In this way, customers can enjoy both coffee and cannoli at the same time. The happier they are, the quicker you can get upgraded and the more tips you could earn from them.

【Top10-Game’s Review】

Different from other versions of Papa’s restaurant, Papa’s Mocharia focus on serving customers coffee drinks. This coffee theme is quite attractive to coffee lovers who are crazy about coffee yet never have a chance to learn how to make brewed coffee with machines. In this game, you could go through all the details of coffee making during the complicated procedures and choose from a variety of ingredient choices to customize the coffee. The skills of putting all patterns of layers could also be picked up while enjoying the game. The game is rich in features and keeps players entertained without spending a penny on it. Players have a great extent of freedom to choose from a wide range of options varying from customers, ingredients, decorations, etc. By taking the charge of the whole shop, a sense of fulfillment will be felt. Good luck and wish you a coffee master soon.

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Editor's Review

Papa's Mocharia To Go is the latest in the series of the Papa's store, the game still continues its classic style of painting and simulation management game. You can make delicious coffee and recruit staff to run your own store!

The game protagonist as the owner of the cafe, through the operation of the cafe and friends interaction, so that the cafe more upscale to achieve the purpose of profit and get more customer. At the beginning, the player can only make coffee. After you have a certain amount of money and fame, you can start making all kinds of snacks, and their operation is also very simple. Players mainly complete the tasks issued by the guests, for example, some guests like five cents of sugar such a request, you need to complete carefully and can not make mistakes.

In short, this is a very interesting simulation game, classic and simple operation. According to the system tips to play the game, you need to meet all the needs of customers, complete all the business tasks, get a lot of money and resources to expand your coffee shop, if you are interested in this simulation game, come and try Papa's Mocharia To Go!